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PDFWAC 296-62-07723


(1) All surfaces must be maintained as free as practicable of accumulations of dusts and waste containing asbestos.
(2) All spills and sudden releases of material containing asbestos must be cleaned up as soon as possible.
(3) Surfaces contaminated with asbestos may not be cleaned by the use of compressed air.
(4) Vacuuming. HEPA-filtered vacuuming equipment must be used for vacuuming. The equipment must be used and emptied in a manner which minimizes the reentry of asbestos into the workplace.
(5) Shoveling, dry sweeping, and dry clean-up of asbestos may be used only where vacuuming and/or wet cleaning are not feasible.
(6) Waste disposal. Waste, scrap, debris, bags, containers, equipment, and clothing contaminated with asbestos consigned for disposal, must be collected and disposed of in sealed impermeable bags, or other closed, impermeable containers. To avoid breakage, bags must be at least six mils in thickness and shall not be dragged or slid across rough or abrasive surfaces.
(7) Waste removal. Whenever a negative-pressure enclosure is required by WAC 296-62-07712, the employer wherever feasible, must establish a waste-load-out area that is adjacent and connected to the negative-pressure enclosure, constructed of a two chamber air lock, for the decontamination and removal of asbestos debris.
(8) Deterioration. Asbestos and asbestos containing material which has become damaged or deteriorated must be repaired, enclosed, encapsulated, or removed.
(9) Care of asbestos-containing flooring/decking material.
(a) Sanding of asbestos-containing floor/deck material is prohibited.
(b) Stripping of finishes must be conducted using low abrasion pads at speeds lower than 300 rpm and wet methods.
(c) Burnishing or dry buffing may be performed only on asbestos-containing flooring/decking which has sufficient finish so that the pad cannot contact the asbestos-containing material.
(d) Dust and debris in an area containing TSI or surfacing ACM/PACM or visibly deteriorated ACM, must not be dusted or swept dry, or vacuumed without using a HEPA filter.
(10) Waste and debris and accompanying dust in an area containing accessible thermal system insulation or surfacing material or visibly deteriorated ACM:
(a) Must not be dusted or swept dry, or vacuumed without using a HEPA filter;
(b) Must be promptly cleaned up and disposed of in leak tight containers.
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