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PDFWAC 296-54-535

Hand and portable powered tools.

(1) Each hand and portable powered tool, including any tool provided by an employee, must be maintained in serviceable condition.
(2) Each tool, including any tool provided by an employee, must be inspected before initial use during each workshift. The inspection must include at least the following:
(a) Handles and guards, to ensure that they are sound and tight-fitting, (properly shaped, free of splinters and sharp edges, and in place);
(b) Controls, to ensure proper function;
(c) Chain saw chains, to ensure proper adjustment;
(d) Chain saw mufflers, to ensure that they are operational and in place;
(e) Chain brakes and/or nose shielding devices, to ensure that they are in place and function properly;
(f) Heads of shock, impact-driven and driving tools, to ensure that there is no mushrooming.
(3) Each tool must be used and maintained according to the following requirements:
(a) Each tool is used only for purposes for which it was designed.
(b) Any shock, impact-driven or driving tool is repaired or removed from service when the head begins to chip.
(c) The cutting edge of each tool is sharpened according to manufacturer's specifications whenever it becomes dull during the workshift.
(d) Each tool is stored in the provided location when not being used at a worksite.
See chapter 296-807 WAC, Portable power tools, for rules on the use and maintenance of tools and other equipment not covered by this chapter.
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