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PDFWAC 296-307-41041

Transferring of liquids.

When transferring liquids, the employer must ensure that:
(1) At least one attendant remains close to the transfer connection from the time the connections are first made until they are finally disconnected, during the transfer of the product.
(2) Containers must be filled or used only upon authorization of the owner.
(3) Containers manufactured according to DOT specifications authorized by DOT as a "single trip" or "nonrefillable container" must not be refilled or reused in LP-gas service.
(4) Gas or liquid must not be vented to the atmosphere to assist in transferring contents of one container to another, except as provided in WAC 296-307-42509(4). A listed pump may use LP-gas in the vapor phase as a source of energy. The gas may be vented to the atmosphere at a rate not to exceed that from a No. 31 drill size opening, if venting and liquid transfer are located at least fifty feet from the nearest important building.
(5) Filling fuel containers for industrial trucks or motor vehicles from industrial bulk storage containers must be performed at least ten feet from the nearest important masonry-walled building or at least twenty-five feet from the nearest important building or other construction and always at least twenty-five feet from any building opening.
(6) Filling portable containers, containers mounted on skids, fuel containers on farm tractors, or similar applications, from storage containers used in domestic or commercial service, must be performed at least fifty feet from the nearest important building.
(7) The filling connection and the vent from the liquid level gauges in containers, filled at point of installation, must be at least ten feet in any direction from air openings into sealed combustion system appliances or mechanical ventilation air intakes.
(8) Fuel supply containers must be gauged and charged only in the open air or in buildings especially provided for that purpose.
(9) Marketers and users must exercise precaution to ensure that only those gases for which the system is designed, examined, and listed, are employed in its operation, particularly with regard to pressures.
(10) Pumps or compressors must be designed for use with LP-gas. When compressors are used they must normally take suction from the vapor space of the container being filled and discharge to the vapor space of the container being emptied.
(11) Pumping systems, when equipped with a positive displacement pump, must include a recirculating device that limits the differential pressure on the pump under normal operating conditions to the maximum differential pressure rating of the pump. The discharge of the pumping system must be protected so that pressure is a maximum of 350 psig. If a recirculation system discharges into the supply tank and contains a manual shut-off valve, an adequate secondary safety recirculation system must be incorporated that has no means of rendering it inoperative. Manual shut-off valves in recirculation systems must be kept open except during an emergency or when repairs are being made to the system.
(12) When necessary, unloading piping or hoses must have suitable bleeder valves for relieving pressure before disconnection.
(13) Agricultural air moving equipment, including crop dryers, must be shut down when supply containers are filling unless the air intakes and sources of ignition on the equipment are located fifty feet or more from the container.
(14) Agricultural equipment employing open flames or equipment with integral containers, such as flame cultivators, weed burners, and tractors, must be shut down during refueling.
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