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PDFWAC 296-24-37021

Automobile undercoating in garages.

Automobile undercoating spray operations in garages, conducted in areas having adequate natural or mechanical ventilation, are exempt from the requirements pertaining to spray finishing operations, when using undercoating materials not more hazardous than kerosene (as listed by Underwriters' Laboratories in respect to fire hazard rating 30-40) or undercoating materials using only solvents listed as having a flash point in excess of 100°F. Undercoating spray operations not conforming to these provisions are subject to all requirements of WAC 296-24-370 through 296-24-37027, pertaining to spray finishing operations.
[Order 73-5, § 296-24-37021, filed 5/9/73 and Order 73-4, § 296-24-37021, filed 5/7/73.]
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