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PDFWAC 296-24-29401

Wire rope.

(1) Safe loads. Whenever used in connection with work, employment, occupations or uses to which these standards are applicable, you must not subject wire rope to loads in excess of 1/5th the breaking load as given in the schedule of the cable manufacturer. Except as required in standard for material hoists.
(2) Condemned. You must discontinue use of cables when they deteriorate through rust, wear, broken wires, undue strain or other conditions to the extent of 15% of their original strength.
(3) Straps and ribbons. You must not use the strap or steel ribbon type of cable in the suspension of scaffolding.
(4) Inspections. You must perform inspection of all wire rope in use at least monthly, and all wire rope must be inspected before put into use.
(5) Fastening. You must adhere to the following methods of fastening and attaching wire rope:
(a) Sockets. The end of wire rope to be set into socket fittings held securely with molten babbitt or zinc (not lead). The wires of the cable must be frayed out and each wire bent toward the outside of socket, so that the end of each wire projects well into the depth of the socket. This method of fastening cables should be left in the hands of experienced workers in this kind of work.
(b) Wrapping. Thimbles spliced into rope and the splice securely wrapped.
(c) Bolted. Thimbles inserted and held in place by at least a 3 bolt clamp or three U-bolt clips. Clamps must be of standard size for the sizes of the cable in use.
(d) Lashing. For temporary work, by-passing rope at least twice around large object such as a post, avoiding sharp points and carrying the end back several feet and securing it by clamps, clips or lashing to the cable.
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