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PDFWAC 296-20-1103

Travel expense.

(1) The department or self-insurer will reimburse travel expense incurred by workers for:
(a) Examinations at department's or self-insurer's request;
(b) Approved vocational retraining or vocational services at department's or self-insurer's request;
(c) Fitting of prosthetic device;
(d) Upon prior authorization for treatment when worker must travel more than fifteen miles one-way from the worker's home to the nearest point of adequate treatment. Travel expense is not payable when adequate treatment is available within fifteen miles of injured worker's home, yet the injured worker prefers to report to an attending provider outside the worker's home area.
(2) Under subsection (1)(c) and (d) of this section, when travel expense is authorized the first fifteen miles one-way are not payable. The first and last fifteen miles are not payable on an authorized round trip.
(3) Travel expenses will be reimbursed at the current department rate.
(4) Receipts are required for all expenses except parking expenses under ten dollars.
(5) Claims for reimbursement of travel expenses must be received by the department or self-insurer within one year after the date expenses are incurred. Refer to WAC 296-20-125 and to department policy for additional rules.
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