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PDFWAC 296-17A-6607

Classification 6607.

6607-00 Card rooms; bingo parlors or casinos
Applies to establishments engaged in operating card rooms, bingo parlors, or casinos. To qualify for this classification, card rooms must be run as a separate operation when located in a tavern or restaurant that has a license to sell spirits or hard liquor. Bingo parlors and casinos are usually operated by Native American tribal organizations or by nonprofit organizations to raise funds for charity. This classification applies to any workers these organizations employ to operate bingo or casino games.
This classification includes employment such as:
• Callers;
• Card dealers;
• Food and beverage operations;
• Game attendants and helpers;
• Janitorial and maintenance staff;
• Money collectors;
• Security floor managers.
Special note: Coverage for Native American tribes conducting a bingo operation is subject to jurisdictional policy.
6607-01 Billiard or pool halls
Applies to establishments engaged in operating billiard or pool halls. This classification could apply to the operation of a billiard or pool hall in connection with another enterprise, such as a bowling alley or skating rink, but only if it is conducted as a separate and distinct operation.
This classification includes employment such as:
• Counter personnel who collect money for the rental of billiard and pool equipment;
• Food and beverage operations;
• Janitorial and maintenance staff;
• Rackers.
This classification excludes:
• Billiard or pool tables that are provided as part of a bowling center, tavern, or restaurant operation which are to be reported separately in the applicable classification.
6607-02 Recreational, social or community centers, N.O.C.
Applies to establishments engaged in operating recreational, social or community centers not covered by another classification (N.O.C.) such as:
• Adult social establishments;
• Community centers for minors;
• Senior centers.
These organizations may target a particular age or cultural group. Organizations may provide educational workshops, social interaction, drug prevention programs, crafts and limited physical recreational activities. This classification includes food or beverage operations provided by the center. Organizations in classification 6607 do not require membership fees as opposed to clubs in classification 6205 that charge a fee for membership.
This classification excludes:
• YMCAs and boys/girls clubs which are to be reported separately in classification 6203;
• Fitness centers and gymnasiums which are to be reported separately in classification 6204;
• Clubs, N.O.C., such as fraternal organizations, which are to be reported separately in classification 6205; and
• Municipal community centers which are to be reported separately in the applicable classification.
Special note: While subclassification 6607-02 also applies to adult day care services, it should not be added to any account with classifications 6509 (adult family homes and assisted living facilities) or 6108 (nursing homes), unless the adult day care is operated as an independent enterprise as described in WAC 296-17-31017. Adult day care services are considered incidental and included in the basic classification for employers providing care services that include overnight stays.
6607-03 Indoor playgrounds
Applies to establishments that provide indoor entertainment centers for children. Generally these operations include a playground area consisting of play toys and equipment that may include:
• Ball bins;
• Interconnecting tubes;
• Ladders;
• Slides;
• Roller slides;
• Water and/or air beds.
The equipment is typically made of plastic, rubber, and/or plexi-glass. Video games may also be available on the premises but generally they are maintained by the game vendor.
This classification includes employment such as:
• Child day care service where parents can leave children at the playground for a specific period of time;
• Facilitating parties;
• Light cleaning such as dusting tubes, vacuuming and cleaning the snack area;
• Selling tickets;
• Snack bar operations;
• Supervising the playground area.
The more involved janitorial duties are usually contracted out to a private janitorial firm.
This classification excludes:
• Child day care services not part of an indoor playground operations which are to be reported separately in classifications 6103 and 6104;
• Amusement parks, permanently located kiddie rides, and establishments which provide adult or family sports entertainment, which may include batting cages and miniature golf, which are to be reported separately in classification 6208; and
• Establishments engaged in providing gymnastic training to children which are to be reported separately in classification 6204.
6607-04 Indoor simulated golfing
Applies to establishments engaged in providing computer simulated indoor golf facilities to the public. The operation consists of separate cubicles which house a computer simulated screen and a play area. Customers select a particular course from a list of available courses which are generally exact replicas of famous courses throughout the world. The player hits a golf ball against a canvas screen inside the cubicle; a computer measures the speed and direction of the ball and simulates the shot so the player can view the results on the screen. Facilities may provide a small putting area, a snack area with limited seating, and/or the sale of golf shirts and memorabilia.
This classification includes employment such as:
• Food and beverage operations;
• Light janitorial work;
• Monitoring facilities;
• Selling memorabilia;
• Setting up computers and collecting the admission price.
This classification excludes miniature golf courses and driving ranges which are reported separately in classification 6208.
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