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PDFWAC 296-17A-6509

Classification 6509.

6509 Assisted living and group homes
Classification 6509 applies to facilities with residents who do not require 24-hour nursing care, but often need some degree of medical monitoring and oversight, personal care, treatment, training, or supervision. Residents may need assistance due to illness, advanced age, physical or mental disabilities, dementia, homelessness or youth at risk, mental health concerns, or chemical dependency. Facilities in this classification generally provide residents a meal plan, but may also provide laundry, housekeeping, van or bus service, life or work skills training, therapy, recreational activities, social services, or even amenities such as barbers or beauticians. Most facilities in this classification are inspected and licensed by the department of social and health services (DSHS), or the department of health (DOH).
Examples of facilities in classification 6509 include:
• Adult family homes;
• Assisted living facilities;
• Continuing care retirement communities;
• Enhanced services facilities;
• Homeless shelters;
• Independent living centers;
• Intermediate care facilities;
• Hospice care centers;
• Residential treatment facilities;
• Retirement communities;
• Safe houses for victims of domestic violence;
• Transitional housing (halfway houses) for persons previously in a treatment facility or incarcerated.
Note: Some residences included in classification 6509, such as a retirement community, may not require any special facilities license from DSHS or DOH.
Types of workers employed in assisted living and group homes often include, but are not limited to:
• Activity directors;
• Caregivers;
• Cooks and chefs;
• Counselors;
• Dietary aides;
• Dieticians;
• Dishwashers;
• Drivers;
• Janitors;
• Housekeepers;
• Laundry workers;
• Lawn care workers;
• Maintenance personnel;
• Nurses;
• Nurses' aides and assistants;
• Resident assistants;
• Social workers;
• Therapists and therapists' assistants;
• Wait staff.
Medical services provided to residents in classification 6509 may include:
• Assessments for mental health, chemical abuse, or basic skills;
• Checking and monitoring for wellness;
• Dispensing medicine;
• Rehabilitative therapies;
• Physical examinations.
Personal care provided to residents may include assistance with:
• Bathing;
• Brushing teeth or hair;
• Dressing;
• Feeding;
• Shaving.
Note: Some residences may offer additional services such as haircuts, pedicures, manicures, hairstyling, eye and hearing exams, and other services not normally associated with care facilities. These services are often performed by independent contractors.
This classification excludes:
• DSHS licensed nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities that are reported in classification 6108.
• Fraternity or sorority houses that are reported in classification 6205.
• Home care providers working in their clients' homes who are to be reported in classification 6511 or 6512.
• Home health and nursing providers working in their clients' homes who are reported in classification 6110.
• Retirement communities without any services or meal plans. Generally these are apartment buildings or condominiums that simply restrict the occupants to age fifty-five or above, and are classified in 4910.
For administrative purposes, classification 6509 is divided into the following subclassification(s):
6509-04 Adult family homes, group homes, treatment centers, safe houses, shelters, halfway houses, and similar facilities not specifically assigned to another subclassification, N.O.C.
6509-07 Assisted living facilities, and retirement and continuing care communities.
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