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PDFWAC 296-17A-6303

Classification 6303.

Sales personnel with outside duties, messengers, insurance producers or surplus line brokers, social workers and dieticians employed by a home health care service
Although referenced as sales personnel, this classification also applies to others with similar type activities. While some duties may be performed in a business office, the work is often conducted away from the employer's physical business location or in showrooms. We refer to work that takes place away from the employer's premises as "outside sales."
Classification 6303 is a standard exception classification, as described in WAC 296-17-31018 Exception classifications, with restrictions on both the type of work and where the work can take place. If any of a worker's duties are excluded from 6303 because of restrictions described in this rule, then none of the worker's hours may be reported in classification 6303.
Special note: Care must be taken to:
• Look beyond job titles such as salesperson, social worker, or messenger. Job titles do not ensure the work satisfies the restrictions for classification 6303;
• Ensure standard exceptions are permitted - Some basic classifications include sales work;
• Ensure workers assigned classification 6303 perform no work other than what is allowed by this classification or that permitted in WAC 296-17-4904.
Classification 6303 includes all activities allowed by WAC 296-17A-4904 (office workers) as well as:
• Meeting with customers off premises;
• Showing and demonstrating products and merchandise;
• Off-site classroom instructional training;
• Driving oneself or being transported to or from meeting or training locations;
• Delivering interoffice mail, correspondence and legal documents necessary for administering the employer's business;
• Providing counseling or verbal direction to clients of a home health care service;
• Performing public relations for employers' business; and
• Estimating (nonconstruction) or appraising.
Classification 6303 excludes:
• Stocking, shipping, receiving, or delivering merchandise;
• The demonstration of machinery or equipment;
• Workers who perform any duties not specifically allowed by WAC 296-17A-4904 or 296-17A-6303;
• Specialty services merchandising products in stores, reported in classification 0607-19;
• Directly supervising workers not included in classifications 4904 or 6303;
• Providing samples to retail customers, reported in classification 6406-40 or 7106-01;
• Working as a driver for a service that transports or chauffeurs others;
• Driving, cooking, or cleaning for, or physically assisting others for home health care services;
• Employees of collection agencies, who are reported separately in 5301-13;
• Door-to-door sales persons who are reported separately in 6309-22;
• Businesses engaged in providing inspections and valuations exclusively for insurance companies which are to be reported separately in classification 4903;
• Employees of messenger services who are reported separately in 1101-09;
• Employees working for a legal messenger service who are reported separately in 6601-07;
• Construction estimators, who are reported in classification 4911, when their work is limited to time and material estimating for a full work shift.
Special note: Hands on training outside of a classroom setting has to be reported separately in the applicable basic classification. For example, a karate instructor is reported in classification 6204, not 6303.
For administrative purposes, classification 6303 is divided into the following subclassifications:
6303-00 Outside sales personnel, messengers, N.O.C.
6303-03 Insurance sales personnel and claims adjusters
Special note: Individuals licensed by the insurance commissioner as insurance producers for soliciting, negotiating, and selling insurance are exempt from coverage as specified in RCW 51.12.020(11) and 48.17.010. To elect coverage, these individuals must submit a completed optional coverage form to the department.
6303-21 Home health care services: Social workers and dietitians
Applies to social workers and dietitians employed by home health care services agencies. These agencies provide care for the elderly, or individuals who need the continuous care and supervision that hospitals and nursing facilities provide, or people living with disabilities. Duties in this classification include teaching people with physical or developmental disabilities in their own homes to manage daily living skills to care for themselves, and assessing clients to determine level of care needed.
Employees working in this classification are only assessing level of need, and teaching clients how to perform duties and tasks; they do not provide direct care to individuals.
Teaching duties of social workers could include teaching clients to:
• Shop for groceries;
• Dress and use proper hygiene;
• Use public transportation;
• Attend medical appointments or go to work;
• Cook meals;
• Write checks;
• Budget finances;
• Do laundry;
• Access recreational or social activities.
Patients are referred to dietitians (also called nutritionists) by the patients' physicians. The dietitian assesses the patient's current nutritional status, and then develops a food plan to meet the patient's needs.
Classification 6303-21 excludes:
• Direct care of clients, such as: Cooking, cleaning, transporting and physically assisting clients, which is to be reported in the applicable classification;
• Nursing and home therapy services which are classified in 6110-00;
• Domestic servants who are classified in 6510;
• Chore workers who are classified in 6511;
• Home care services provided through the consumer directed employer program, which are classified in 6512-00.
Special note: Subclassification 6303-21 should be assigned only to accounts that also have classifications 6110, 6511, or both.
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