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PDFWAC 296-17A-6204

Classification 6204.

Gyms, fitness centers, martial arts training, baths or saunas
Classification 6204 applies to businesses that offer activities and services for recreation, health, and fitness. Gyms typically include cardio workout machines, weight equipment, free weights, bicycle machines, and studio space for group exercise sessions and classes. These facilities may also offer additional items such as running tracks, tennis and racket ball courts, pools, tanning rooms, massage, saunas, baths, and gymnastic equipment. There may also be some retail sales and limited food and beverage services.
Businesses in this classification sometimes advertise as day spas. This classification includes day spas offering a soaking pool, bath, hot tub, sauna, or steam rooms. Businesses with these spa features may also offer aromatherapy, mud baths, body wrap, rub down, massage, or other personal beauty services.
Occupations reported in this classification may include:
Activity directors;
Personal trainers;
Facility managers;
Cleaning staff;
Massage therapists;
Spa attendants;
Nutritional counselors;
Child care providers;
Food and beverage service workers;
Front desk staff;
Grounds keepers;
Maintenance personnel;
Scuba diving instructors providing lessons in a swimming pool, even if not employed by pool facility.
This classification excludes:
• Day spas or beauty shops which do not offer baths, soaking pools, or hot tubs that are reported separately in classification 6501;
• Massage therapy businesses which are reported separately in classification 6109;
• Golf courses which are reported separately in classification 6206;
• Clubs that offer members' fine dining, lounges, bars, conference rooms, and other services in addition to the athletic facilities, which are reported separately in classification 6205;
• Dance schools which are reported separately in classifications 6103 and 6104;
• Ski resorts which are reported separately in classification 6705;
• Scuba diving instruction not taking place in pools which is reported in classification 0202;
• Swim instructors employed by organizations that have no facility or pool who are to be reported in classification 6103.
For administrative purposes, classification 6204 is divided into the following subclassification(s):
6204-00 Baths, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms
6204-04 Exercise facilities, gyms, fitness and martial arts centers, N.O.C.
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