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PDFWAC 296-17A-5308

Classification 5308.

5308-20 Community action organizations - Professional services and administrative employees, N.O.C.
Applies to organizations performing two or more services to support the local community and people in need.
This classification applies to professional services and administrative employees who are not otherwise classified (N.O.C.). Work duties in this classification are not performed exclusively in an administrative office environment. Travel may be necessary to perform work at an alternate worksite for appointments with clients or patients, meetings, presentations, agency promotions, or other required out-of-office administrative type work. Work performed in this classification may include, but is not limited to:
• Child care or teaching;
• Counseling or educating for various programs;
• Estimating and project managing when staff performing these duties do not supervise a work crew or perform any type of manual labor;
• Medical, dental and nursing services;
• Program coordinating and directing.
The services provided by community action organizations include:
• After school care;
• Alternative schools;
• Child care;
• Counseling and assistance;
• Decent, safe and sanitary living accommodations for low-income or needy people;
• Drug and alcohol recovery programs;
• Employment or independence training;
• Food and clothing banks;
• In-home chore services;
• Meals;
• Medical services;
• Transitional or emergency housing;
• Weatherization.
Excluded from this classification are:
• The following activities, which are to be reported in 1501-20:
- Any manual labor;
- Supervision of a work crew that performs manual labor;
- Work in a food bank;
- Delivery;
- Other similar work.
• Construction or maintenance work. Normal maintenance and repair contemplated by this classification includes, but is not limited to, replacing parts on existing fixtures or equipment, repairing existing structures, normal cleaning or janitorial activities, maintaining existing landscaping, and shoveling snow from driveways or walkways. Construction, alteration, or improvements to the properties are not considered normal maintenance and are not contemplated by this classification. Major repair work is usually performed by contractors who are not employees of the community action organization. New construction or major alterations such as the construction of new additions or the construction of new structures are excluded from this classification and are to be reported separately in the appropriate construction classifications;
• Chore workers/home service workers, who are to be reported in 6511-20;
• Office employees who work exclusively in an administrative office environment, who are to be reported in 4904-20;
• Individuals employed in welfare special works programs, which are to be reported in 6505;
• Individuals employed in work activity centers, who are to be reported in 7309; and
• Volunteers, who are to be reported in 6901 when medical aid coverage has been elected.
See classifications 1501-20, 4904-20, and 6511-20 for other community action operations.
Excluded operations: Firms engaged as housing authorities, which are reported in 1501-01 and 5306-26.
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