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PDFWAC 296-17A-5004

Classification 5004.

(to be assigned only by the reforestation underwriter)
Special note: Classification 5004, and related classifications 1007 and 5006, cover various activities associated with the management of forests, range, or timber land. These classifications are also assigned to establishments engaged in erosion control projects and fish and wildlife habitat enhancement projects. The industry covered by this series of classifications has special reporting requirements. Reforestation establishments assigned to classifications 1007, 5004, and 5006 report work on a contract basis. These contracts may last a quarter or several quarters. Refer to WAC 296-17-35203(4) for specific reporting requirements.
Applies to:
• Establishments engaged in forestry and timber land management services.
• Work conducted in the forest or timber land generally associated with the overall care of these lands.
Work in this classification includes:
• Employees of contractors and of land owners;
• Manual crew labor; and
• All field crew supervisors and foremen assigned to oversee work covered by this classification, including internal quality control audits, regardless of whether their assigned duties include manual labor.
What activities are not included in this classification?
• Machinery operations on these lands such as clearing, slashing, hydro seeding, chemical spraying, and forest firefighting (report in classification 5006);
• Forestry related machine work used in connection with trail construction, slash burning, fire watch/patrol and forest firefighting, slashing, pile burning, roadside brushing, roadway dust/mud control (report in classification 5006);
• Logging operations (report in classification 5001);
• Logging road construction (report in classification 6902);
• Identifying volume and species of trees in a section of timber land or a forest (report in classification 1007);
• Auditing parcels planted by a tree planting contractor for quality control purposes (report in classification 1007);
• Conducting environmental studies (report in classification 1007); and
• Testing growing techniques and similar activities (report in classification 1007).
For administrative purposes classification 5004 is divided into the following subclassifications:
5004-13 Tree planting services
This subclassification is limited to planting trees in a forest (reforestation) or in privately owned timbered land. This is done to reestablish a tree population after logging or a fire.
5004-14 Tree thinning services including forest trail construction and brush clearing, N.O.C.
This subclassification is limited to employees of an employer engaged in:
• The removal of unmarketable trees with a chain saw, machete, or pruning loppers;
• Brush clearing;
• Manual tree slashing; and
• Constructing walking paths or trails.
These activities are done to reduce competition of the remaining trees for water and nutrients, to eliminate fire hazard and to provide trails for management and recreational use.
This subclassification includes manual conifer release and pruning services. This classification excludes chemical conifer release (report in classification 5004-18 if using a backpack method, or 5006-08 if using a truck).
5004-18 Miscellaneous forestry services, N.O.C.
This subclassification is for miscellaneous manual labor on forest or timber land such as, but not limited to:
• Manual forest firefighting;
• Animal damage control;
• Beaver trapping;
• Chemical spraying;
• Fertilizer services;
• Cone picking;
• Hydro seeding;
• Stream restoration;
• Habitat development;
• Tree netting.
This classification excludes manual conifer release (report in classification 5004-14).
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