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PDFWAC 296-17A-4907

Classification 4907.

Classification 4907 Offender work opportunity
Applies to offenders in custody of the state, city, or county, when the offenders perform work in a tax reduction industry to provide goods or services only (of any type) to tax-supported entities, nonprofit corporations, or private contractors. Goods produced by a tax reduction industry are used by a public agency or nonprofit corporation. Tax reduction industries provide basic work training and experience which qualify offenders for better work within the prison, jail, or in the public community. Work is performed at the prison, jail, or at a separate location.
This classification excludes work performed by offenders under a free venture enterprise contract with a private business (profit or nonprofit) which is to be reported separately in the classification applicable to the work being performed.
For administrative purposes, classification 4907 is divided into the following subclassifications:
4907-00 Class 2 Offender work opportunity – State
4907-01 Offender work opportunity – City
4907-02 Offender work opportunity – County
[Statutory Authority: RCW 51.04.020 and 51.16.035. WSR 16-14-085, § 296-17A-4907, filed 7/5/16, effective 1/1/17. WSR 07-01-014, recodified as § 296-17A-4907, filed 12/8/06, effective 12/8/06. Statutory Authority: RCW 51.16.035. WSR 98-18-042, § 296-17-656, filed 8/28/98, effective 10/1/98; WSR 85-24-032 (Order 85-33), § 296-17-656, filed 11/27/85, effective 1/1/86; Order 73-22, § 296-17-656, filed 11/9/73, effective 1/1/74.]
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