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PDFWAC 296-17A-4904

Classification 4904.

Administrative, clerical, reception, and sales staff working in a business office
Classification 4904 is a standard exception classification, as described in WAC 296-17-31018 Exception classifications, with restrictions on both the type of work and the work place. If any of a worker's duties are excluded from 4904 because of restrictions described in this rule, then none of the worker's hours may be reported in Classification 4904.
Special note: Care must be taken:
• To look beyond job titles, such as "clerk" or "cashier." Job titles do not ensure the work or the workplace meet the requirements for 4904.
• Ensure standard exceptions are permitted - Some basic classifications include office work.
Classification 4904 applies only to employees whose job duties are restricted to a business office, meeting room, or similar office like environment that is:
• Physically separated by walls, partitions, or other physical barriers from all other work areas; and
• Where only office work, as described in this rule, is performed.
Classification 4904 excludes any work area where:
• Products sold by the employer are handled or stored;
• Carry out merchandise is displayed for sale;
• Customers bring merchandise they are purchasing to make payment.
Office work is limited to duties such as:
• Communicating by phone or routing phone calls;
• Programming software;
• Technical drafting;
• Designing publication layouts on hardware or by drafting;
• Maintaining financial, personnel, or payroll records;
• Writing or routing correspondence;
• Billing and receiving payments;
• Preparation of insurance policies or billing records;
• Composing informational material;
• Copying documents;
• Utilizing computer software;
• Manual or computer design work;
• Completing forms;
• Researching records;
• Checking persons into a hotel or other facility;
• Writing reports and manuals;
• Attending meetings;
• Assisting walk-in customers;
• Processing payments and invoices.
Office work excludes:
• Handling, packaging, mailing, receiving, or demonstrating any product (or their components) sold by the employer;
• Hand delivering business correspondence outside of the business office.
Special notes:
Classification 4904 permits limited and minimal work outside an office for:
• Banking;
• Taking correspondence to or from the post office;
• Purchasing supplies for the office;
• Taking training courses;
• Attending meetings.
Classification 4904 permits limited and minimal exposure to areas of the employer's premises that do not qualify for office work, if this is necessary for getting to or from a:
• Restroom facility;
• Business office;
• Lunchroom or dining area;
• Break room;
• Delivery of a personal message.
For administrative purposes classification 4904 is divided into the following subclassifications:
4904-00 Clerical office, N.O.C.
4904-13 Clerical office for insurance business
Special note: Individuals issued a license by the office of the insurance commissioner and acting as an insurance producer are exempt from coverage as specified in RCW 51.12.020(11). To elect voluntary coverage these individuals must submit a completed optional coverage form to the department. This exclusion to coverage does not apply if the license is held by someone who otherwise:
• Does not work in the capacity of an insurance producer; and
• Is not compensated related to the volume of insurance sold or premiums collected; and
• Holds a license solely for the purpose of receiving applications or premiums.
4904-17 Clerical office: Employee leasing companies
4904-20 Community action organizations - Clerical office employees, N.O.C.
Applies to the clerical office employees, not otherwise classified (N.O.C.), of organizations performing two or more services to support the local community and people in need. See subclassifications 1501-20 and 5308-20 for other community action organization classifications.
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