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PDFWAC 296-17A-4502

Classification 4502.

Radio, television, recording, video production, and cable service providers; all other employees
Classification 4502 is limited to employees who do not install, test, or repair electrical wiring, cable lines, antennas, satellite dishes, or hook-up subscribers, unless the work is performed inside buildings on their employers' premises. Occupations reported in this classification include clerical office and sales workers, but may also include:
Account managers;
Administrative staff;
Advertising, marketing, and promotions staff;
Animation production staff;
Art, design, wardrobe staff;
Billing, customer service staff;
Camera operators, videographers, photographers;
Commercial productions staff;
Control room engineers and operators;
Facility operations, maintenance staff;
Film and video editors;
Music DJs;
Musicians, performers, actors, and personalities;
Producers, directors, reporters;
Sales staff;
Set construction staff, lighting technicians;
Studio engineers, studio technicians;
Stunts staff.
This classification excludes:
• Field employees for cable television or communication providers installing or maintaining extension lines and subscriber hook-ups, who are reported separately in classification 1305;
• Technical staff employed by a radio or television station, recording studio, or video production company installing, testing, or repairing electrical wires, cable, antennas, satellite dishes, or any other equipment outside their employers' studios, offices, or facilities;
• Large-scale theatrical/movie productions reported separately in classification 6608;
• Videotaping by photography studios reported separately in classification 6506; and
• Entertainers, musicians, recording engineers, etc., who are not employees of the broadcasting or recording company.
Special note: Care should be exercised when assigning this classification as the entertainers or musicians may be exempt from coverage as specified in RCW 51.12.020(9).
Businesses may be assigned either classification 4501 or 1305 in addition to classification 4502; however, employers must maintain records that permit the department to confirm hours worked in each classification. If employers do not or cannot maintain these records, they must report all hours in question in the classification with the higher rate.
For administrative purposes classification 4502 is divided into the following subclassification(s):
4502-00 Radio stations, N.O.C.
4502-01 Television stations and video production
4502-02 Recording studios
4502-03 Cable companies, including homeowners' associations or cooperatives offering a central cable system
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