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PDFWAC 296-17A-3309

Classification 3309.

Golf cart, motorcycle, and motorized sport vehicle dealers
Classification 3309 applies to dealers that sell, rent, or repair:
• Golf carts and trailers;
• Go carts;
• All-terrain vehicles (ATV);
• Jet skis;
• Motorcycles;
• Motor scooters;
• Snowmobiles.
These establishments may also sell other incidental items such as:
• Boat motors;
• Canoes;
• Chain saws;
• Helmets;
• Lawn and garden equipment;
• Portable generators;
• Protective outerwear;
• Replacement parts;
• Small gasoline engines;
• Snow blowers;
• Water pumps.
Occupations included in this classification are:
• Service and repair personnel;
• Service managers;
• Parts department employees who also provide service and repair;
• Lot attendants who wash, fuel and prep vehicles, and keep service area organized;
• Motorcycle dismantlers (motorcycle wrecking yards);
• Regional service reps who provide factory training to local dealer shop mechanics.
Special note: If all conditions of the general reporting rules covering standard exception employees have been met, businesses in this classification with sales staff may qualify for classification 6301-00. See WAC 296-17-31018(2).
Special note: While most businesses in this classification have an inventory of parts which they use to service and repair customer vehicles, some employers have a full line of parts, accessories, and clothing store. Businesses with a full line of parts, accessories and clothing store which is physically separated from the repair shop, and sales of parts are primarily for off-premises (do it yourself) repair with no interchange of labor between the service department and the store, may also be assigned classification 6309.
Excluded from this classification are establishments primarily engaged in:
• Sales or rental of automobiles, motor homes, or travel trailers that are reported in classification 3411;
• Sales of boats, boat trailers and motors that are reported in classification 3414;
• Sales or rental of durable medical equipment or mobility aids that are reported in classification 6306;
• Sales or rental of heavy commercial or industrial equipment that are reported in classification 6409;
• Sales of lawn and garden equipment, and sales or rental of bicycles that are reported in classification 6309; and
• Repair of lawn and garden equipment and small engines that are reported in classification 3402.
For administrative purposes, Classification 3309 is divided into the following subclassifications:
3309-02 Golf cart sales/rental dealers
3309-03 Motorized cycles and recreational vehicle dealers
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