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Chapter 296-150M WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF296-150M-0010Authority, purpose, and scope.
HTMLPDF296-150M-0020What definitions apply to this chapter?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0040Will you keep my manufacturing information confidential?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0049What must be done prior to the sale of an installed manufactured or mobile home by a homeowner?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0050When can a manufactured home be posted with a prohibited sale or lease notice?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0051Can I sell or lease a manufactured home that has been posted with a prohibited sale or lease notice?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0060Who handles consumer complaints about manufactured homes?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0100What happens if I disagree with your decision regarding my compliance with the federal standards, or this chapter?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0120Where can I obtain technical assistance regarding manufactured (mobile) homes?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0140Do you allow a variance from these rules for the use of alternate materials, alternate design and methods of construction?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0200What labels or insignia are required on my manufactured home?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0250How do I replace a lost or damaged insignia?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0260Who do I contact for replacement HUD labels?
Alteration Approval
HTMLPDF296-150M-0300What approval do I need to alter a manufactured home?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0302What are some examples of work to manufactured or mobile homes that either require or do not require a permit and inspection?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0306What codes and requirements are applicable when altering a manufactured/mobile home?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0307How may I obtain a copy of the Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards, Part 24, C.F.R. 3280?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0309How do I apply for alteration approval and obtain an alteration insignia?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0310What happens if I fail to get your approval prior to altering a manufactured home?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0320What must I provide to request approval of an alteration?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0322Data requirements for the identification of indigent persons.
HTMLPDF296-150M-0323What is the requirement for energy conservation inspection?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0330How do I obtain alteration insignia information and the forms you require?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0331Does my alteration permit expire?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0340What must an engineering analysis for design plans include?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0350What must the test procedures and results for design plans include?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0360When is design plan approval required for an alteration?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0370How do I obtain alteration design plan approval?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0380How will I know whether you have approved my design plan?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0390If my design plan is not approved, how much time do I have to submit a corrected plan?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0410What are the requirements for altering mobile/manufactured homes?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0500When must an inspection be requested?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0530Am I charged if I request an inspection but am not prepared when you arrive?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0540How do I obtain a fire safety certificate to site my pre-HUD home?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0550What is required to meet the fire safety certificate requirements?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0705Definitions applicable to this part.
HTMLPDF296-150M-0715May the department audit the records of a contractor?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0725What procedures will the department follow when auditing the records of construction, plumbing and electrical contractors?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0800Definitions applicable to this part.
HTMLPDF296-150M-0805How does the department ensure that a contractor, firm, partnership, or corporation complies with the requirements of chapter 43.22 RCW?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0810What violations of chapter 43.22 RCW can result in the issuance of a notice of infraction?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0815What information must be included in a notice of correction?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0820Who can be issued a notice of infraction?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0830How does a contractor, firm, partnership, or corporation appeal a notice of infraction?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0835Who presides over an appeal hearing and where is it held?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0840Who will represent the appellant and the department at the appeal hearing?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0845How is the appeal hearing conducted?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0855What does the department do with the appeal notices that they receive?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0860What monetary penalties will be assessed for an infraction issued for violations of chapter 43.22 RCW and this chapter?
HTMLPDF296-150M-0865When must a contractor, firm, partnership, or corporation pay assessed monetary penalties?
HTMLPDF296-150M-3000Manufactured/mobile home fees.
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