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PDFWAC 296-150F-0590

How do I obtain insignia for used factory-built structures?

We consider used factory-built housing and commercial structures as new structures for purposes of insignia approval. To obtain insignia, you must:
(1) Have the design plan approved by us (see WAC 296-150F-0300 through 296-150F-0480);
(2) Purchase insignia (see WAC 296-150F-0200 through 296-150F-0230); and
(3) Pass a unit inspection (see WAC 296-150F-0500 through 296-150F-0550).
You will be required to open up as much of the construction of the unit as is necessary for inspection to show compliance with your approved design plan.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.22.340, [43.22.]355, [43.22.]360, [43.22.]432, [43.22.]440 and [43.22.]480. WSR 96-21-146, ยง 296-150F-0590, filed 10/23/96, effective 11/25/96.]
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