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Chapter 296-15 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF296-15-021Self-insurance qualifications.
HTMLPDF296-15-027Additional requirements for subsidiaries and acquisitions.
HTMLPDF296-15-121Surety for a self-insurance program.
HTMLPDF296-15-123Monitoring certification.
HTMLPDF296-15-125Default by a self-insurer.
HTMLPDF296-15-140Expense of out-of-state audit.
HTMLPDF296-15-151Surety for a public entity's self-insurance program.
HTMLPDF296-15-161Surety for a group self-insurance program.
HTMLPDF296-15-171Surety for a self insured pension or fatality claim.
HTMLPDF296-15-181Funding the benefits of an insolvent self-insurer.
HTMLPDF296-15-221Self-insurers' reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF296-15-223Self-insurance administrative assessment.
HTMLPDF296-15-225Self-insurance second injury fund assessment.
HTMLPDF296-15-227Self-insurance insolvency trust fund assessment.
HTMLPDF296-15-229Self-insurance supplemental pension fund (SPF) and asbestosis fund assessments.
HTMLPDF296-15-231Self-insurance electronic data reporting system (SIEDRS).
HTMLPDF296-15-232Self-insurance medical bill electronic data interchange.
HTMLPDF296-15-255Hearings for corrective action or withdrawal of certification.
HTMLPDF296-15-257When a self-insured employer is subject to corrective action or withdrawal of certification as instituted by the director.
HTMLPDF296-15-260Corrective action or withdrawal of certification.
HTMLPDF296-15-268Self-insurance penalty calculations.
HTMLPDF296-15-270Violation of the duty of good faith and fair dealing.
HTMLPDF296-15-272When intentional behavior is deemed a violation of the duty of good faith and fair dealing.
HTMLPDF296-15-310Administrative organization to manage a self-insurance program.
HTMLPDF296-15-320Reporting of injuries.
HTMLPDF296-15-330Authorization of medical care.
HTMLPDF296-15-340Payment of compensation.
HTMLPDF296-15-350Handling of claims.
HTMLPDF296-15-360Qualifications of personnel—Certified claims administrators.
HTMLPDF296-15-370Notification to the department.
HTMLPDF296-15-400Self-insured workers' rights and obligations.
HTMLPDF296-15-405Filing a self-insured claim.
HTMLPDF296-15-420Requesting allowance or denial, or interlocutory order from the department—Providing claim file.
HTMLPDF296-15-425Communicating to injured workers during the course of the claim.
HTMLPDF296-15-4302What is the Self-Insurance Vocational Reporting Form?
HTMLPDF296-15-4304What must the self-insurer do when an assessment report is received?
HTMLPDF296-15-4306When must a self-insurer submit a vocational rehabilitation plan to the department?
HTMLPDF296-15-4308What must the vocational rehabilitation plan include?
HTMLPDF296-15-4310What must the self-insurer do when the department denies the vocational rehabilitation plan?
HTMLPDF296-15-4312What must the self-insurer do when the vocational rehabilitation plan is successfully completed?
HTMLPDF296-15-4314What must the self-insurer do if the vocational rehabilitation plan is not successfully completed?
HTMLPDF296-15-4316What must the self-insurer do when the worker declines further vocational rehabilitation services and elects option 2 benefits?
HTMLPDF296-15-4318What must the self-insurer do when the worker elects option 2 benefits and the claim is closed?
HTMLPDF296-15-440Use of independent medical examinations.
HTMLPDF296-15-450Closure of self-insured claims.
HTMLPDF296-15-470When a worker files for reopening.
HTMLPDF296-15-480When a self-insured claim is protested.
HTMLPDF296-15-490When a self-insured claim is on appeal.
HTMLPDF296-15-495Third-party action on a self-insured claim.
HTMLPDF296-15-520Self-insured third-party administrator (TPA) licensing requirements.
HTMLPDF296-15-530Self-insured third-party administrator (TPA) licensing application requirements.
HTMLPDF296-15-540Self-insured third-party administrator (TPA) licensing renewal application requirements.
HTMLPDF296-15-550Self-insured third-party administrator (TPA) duties and performance requirements.
HTMLPDF296-15-560Self-insured third-party administrator (TPA) penalties.
HTMLPDF296-15-570Self-insured third-party administrator (TPA) license suspension and revocation.
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