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PDFWAC 296-127-015

Applicability of prevailing wages for supervisors.

Determinations as to whether individuals are workers, laborers, or mechanics are based on the scope of work actually performed by the individuals, rather than the title of their occupations.
(1) Where additional supervisory duties are required of workers, laborers, or mechanics by statute or regulation, the industrial statistician shall establish a rate of pay for a work classification to be called "journey level in charge." These rates shall be published in the semiannual prevailing wage publication.
(2) Supervisors (e.g., foremen, general foremen, superintendents, etc.,) are entitled to receive at least the journey level prevailing rate of wage for performing manual or physical labor:
(a) For each hour spent in the performance of manual or physical labor if it is for more than twenty percent but less than fifty percent of their hours worked on a public works project during any given week.
(b) For all hours worked in any given week if they perform manual or physical labor for fifty percent or more of their hours worked on a public works project during such week.
(3) If supervisors subject to the journey level prevailing wage rate are paid a salary, the compensation (salary divided by number of hours worked) must be equal to or greater than the prevailing wage rate for the type of work performed.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 39.04 and 39.12 RCW and RCW 43.22.270. WSR 92-01-104, § 296-127-015, filed 12/18/91, effective 1/31/92; WSR 88-22-046 (Order 88-22), § 296-127-015, filed 10/31/88.]
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