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PDFWAC 284-50-070

Exceptions, reductions, and limitations to be disclosed.

(1) When an advertisement which is an invitation to contract refers to either a dollar amount, or a period of time for which any benefit is payable, or the cost of the policy, or specific policy benefit, or the loss for which such benefit is payable, it shall also disclose those exceptions, reductions, and limitations affecting the basic provisions of the policy without which the advertisement would have the capacity or tendency to mislead or deceive.
(2) When a policy contains a waiting, elimination, probationary, or similar time period between the effective date of the policy and the effective date of coverage under the policy or a time period between the date a loss occurs and the date benefits begin to accrue for such loss, an advertisement which is subject to the requirements of the preceding subsection (1) shall disclose the existence of such periods.
(3) An advertisement shall not use the words "only"; "just"; "merely"; "minimum"; or similar words or phrases to deceptively describe or unfairly minimize the applicability of any exceptions and reductions contained in the policy advertised.
(4) When a policy contains a provision permitted by RCW 48.20.192, 48.20.202, or 48.20.212 (Optional standard provisions No. 15, 16, and 17), an advertisement which is subject to the requirements of WAC 284-50-070(1) shall disclose clearly the effect of such provisions.
[Order R-76-2, § 284-50-070, filed 3/4/76; Order R-73-1, § 284-50-070, filed 2/28/73, effective 4/1/73.]
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