Chapter 284-50 WAC

Last Update: 9/6/17


WAC Sections

284-50-010Title and purpose.
284-50-040Method of disclosure of required information.
284-50-050Form and content of advertisements.
284-50-060Deceptive words, phrases, or illustrations prohibited.
284-50-070Exceptions, reductions, and limitations to be disclosed.
284-50-080Preexisting conditions.
284-50-090Disclosure of provisions relating to renewability, cancellability, and termination.
284-50-100Testimonials or endorsements by third parties.
284-50-110Use of statistics.
284-50-120Identification of plan or number of policies.
284-50-130Disparaging comparisons and statements.
284-50-140Jurisdictional licensing and status of insurer.
284-50-150Identity of insurer.
284-50-160Group or quasi-group implications.
284-50-170Introductory, initial, or special offers.
284-50-180Reduced initial premium rates.
284-50-190Statements about an insurer.
284-50-200Advertising file to be maintained.
284-50-210Violation defined as unfair practice.
284-50-220Severability provision.
284-50-230Effective date.
284-50-260PKU formula coverage requirements and exceptions.
284-50-270Mammograms—Coverage requirements and exceptions.
284-50-305Applicability and scope.
284-50-310Effective date.
284-50-315Policy definitions.
284-50-320Prohibited policy provisions.
284-50-321Discretionary clauses prohibited.
284-50-325Minimum standards for benefits.
284-50-330General rules as to minimum standards.
284-50-335Basic hospital expense coverage.
284-50-340Basic medical-surgical expense coverage.
284-50-345Hospital confinement indemnity coverage.
284-50-350Major medical expense coverage.
284-50-355Disability income protection coverage.
284-50-360Accident only coverage.
284-50-365Specified disease and specified accident coverage.
284-50-370Limited benefit health insurance coverage.
284-50-375Required disclosure provisions, general rules.
284-50-377Experimental and investigational prescriptions, treatments, procedures, or service—Definition required—Standard for definition—Written notice of denial required—Appeal process required.
284-50-380Outline of coverage requirements for individual coverages.
284-50-385Basic hospital expense coverage, outline of coverage.
284-50-390Basic medical-surgical expense coverage, outline of coverage.
284-50-395Basic hospital and medical surgical expense coverage, outline of coverage.
284-50-400Hospital confinement indemnity coverage, outline of coverage.
284-50-405Major medical expense coverage, outline of coverage.
284-50-410Disability income protection coverage, outline of coverage.
284-50-415Accident only coverage, outline of coverage.
284-50-420Specified disease or specified accident coverage, outline of coverage.
284-50-425Limited benefit health coverage, outline of coverage.
284-50-430Requirements for replacement.
284-50-440Standard disclosure form for individual policies—Illness-triggered fixed payment insurance, hospital confinement fixed payment insurance, or other fixed payment insurance.
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