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PDFWAC 246-930-334

Planning and interventions.

(1) The treatment plan and the interventions used by the provider or affiliate to achieve the goals of the plan shall:
(a) Address the sexual deviancy treatment needs identified;
(b) Include provisions for the protection of victims and potential victims;
(c) Give priority to those treatment interventions most likely to avoid sexual reoffense; and
(d) Take reasonable care not to cause victims to have unsafe, unauthorized, or unwanted contact with their offenders.
(2) The community protection contract shall be presented to the client within ninety days of the start of treatment by the provider or affiliate that:
(a) Details the treatment rules and requirements that the client must follow in order to preserve community safety;
(b) Outlines the client's responsibility to adhere to the contract, and the provider's responsibility to report any violations;
(c) Is a separate document from any other evaluation or treatment agreements between the client and the provider;
(d) Is signed by both client and provider;
(e) Is sent to the supervising officer after sentencing; and
(f) Is updated when conditions change throughout the course of treatment.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.155.040. WSR 07-09-092, ยง 246-930-334, filed 4/18/07, effective 5/19/07.]
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