Chapter 246-930 WAC

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WAC Sections

246-930-010General definitions.
246-930-020Underlying credential as a health professional required.
246-930-030Education required prior to certification as an affiliate or a provider.
246-930-040Experience required prior to certification as a provider.
246-930-065Requirements for certification.
246-930-070Training required for certified providers.
246-930-075Supervision of affiliates.
246-930-200Application and examination.
246-930-210Examination appeal procedures.
246-930-300Mandatory reporting.
246-930-301Purpose—Professional standards and ethics.
246-930-310Standards for professional conduct and client relationships.
246-930-320Standards for assessment and evaluation reports.
246-930-330Standards and documentation of treatment.
246-930-332Treatment methods and monitoring.
246-930-334Planning and interventions.
246-930-336Contacts with victims and children by clients.
246-930-338Completion of court ordered treatment.
246-930-340Standards for communication with other professionals.
246-930-350Evaluation and treatment experience credit.
246-930-410Continuing education requirements.
246-930-420Inactive credential.
246-930-431Expired certification.
246-930-490Sexual misconduct.
246-930-990Sex offender treatment provider fees and renewal cycle.
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