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PDFWAC 220-352-230

Commercial fish and shellfish transportation ticket.

(1) If fish or shellfish are transported from a vessel or catch site (if the fishery does not require a vessel) prior to completing a fish receiving ticket, the fisher must complete a commercial fish and shellfish transportation ticket as required by this section. The transportation ticket must accompany the fish or shellfish until the fish receiving ticket is completed. The purpose of this rule is to ensure catch accountability when fish or shellfish are transported by the fisher or his or her designee before a fish receiving ticket is required to be completed. Fish receiving ticket requirements under this chapter are still in effect.
(2) The fisher must complete the department provided transportation ticket with the following information:
(a) The name of the fisher who caught the fish or shellfish.
(b) The fisher's WDFW-issued vessel ID number.
(c) The signature of the fisher or additional operator.
(d) The name of the transporter.
(e) The catch area where the fish or shellfish were caught.
(f) The species of fish or shellfish being transported.
(g) The individual number or approximate pounds of fish or shellfish being transported, as required under WAC 220-352-040.
(h) The date(s) the fish or shellfish were harvested.
(3) In cases where the fisher does not deliver the fish or shellfish to an original receiver within twenty-four hours after offloading, the fisher must send a copy of the completed transportation ticket to the department. The completed ticket must arrive within the sixth working day. Once the fisher delivers the fish or shellfish to the original receiver, a copy of the transportation ticket must be attached or the ticket number must be written on the fish receiving ticket.
(4) In cases where an agent of the fisher delivers fish or shellfish with a transportation ticket to the original receiver, the original receiver must mail the transportation ticket, together with the state copy of the fish receiving ticket as required in WAC 220-352-060, 220-352-090, and 220-352-130. If the commercial fisher delivers and signs the fish receiving ticket, only the fish receiving ticket must be mailed in, and the transportation ticket is not required to be submitted with it.
Transportation tickets completed for deliveries reported using electronic fish receiving ticket forms should be attached to the printed and signed copy of the form, as required by WAC 220-352-140(5).
(5) Any person transporting commercially taken fish or shellfish or commercial quantities of fish or shellfish must provide a transportation ticket for inspection upon demand by a fish and wildlife officer.
(6) The provisions of this section do not apply to:
(a) Fish and shellfish purchased at retail, provided the purchaser has, in his or her possession, a sales receipt documenting the purchase;
(b) Fish or shellfish for which a fish receiving ticket has been completed and a copy of the fish receiving ticket is in the possession of the person transporting;
(c) Fish or shellfish being transported by the department;
(d) Hatchery carcass sales;
(e) Private sector cultured aquatic products in transport;
(f) Fish or shellfish being transported on a completed Oregon transportation ticket, provided that the fish were caught in the concurrent waters of the Columbia River and were landed on Washington's shore; and
(g) Fish or shellfish being transported in the catching vessel, provided that the vessel is not being transported or towed over land.
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