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Chapter 220-352 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF220-352-010Fish receiving ticket definitions.
HTMLPDF220-352-020When state of Washington fish receiving tickets are required.
HTMLPDF220-352-035Requirement to prepare fish receiving ticket forms completely and accurately—Determining the appropriate form.
HTMLPDF220-352-040Required information for Washington state nontreaty fish receiving tickets.
HTMLPDF220-352-060Completion, submission, distribution, and retention of copies of nontreaty fish receiving tickets.
HTMLPDF220-352-070Description of treaty Indian fish receiving ticket and treaty Indian shellfish receiving ticket.
HTMLPDF220-352-080Required information on treaty Indian fish and shellfish receiving tickets.
HTMLPDF220-352-090Distribution of copies of treaty Indian fish receiving tickets.
HTMLPDF220-352-100Treaty Indian identification cards.
HTMLPDF220-352-130Completion, submission, distribution, and retention of copies of shellfish receiving ticket.
HTMLPDF220-352-140SignaturesFish receiving tickets.
HTMLPDF220-352-150ImprintersFish receiving tickets.
HTMLPDF220-352-160Fish receiving ticket accountabilityPaper forms.
HTMLPDF220-352-170Charter stampsCharter boat and guide operator issuance duties.
HTMLPDF220-352-200Duties of commercial shellfish shuckers.
HTMLPDF220-352-210License cards.
HTMLPDF220-352-220Wholesale fish buyer plates.
HTMLPDF220-352-230Commercial fish and shellfish transportation ticket.
HTMLPDF220-352-240Annual production report.
HTMLPDF220-352-245Reporting required of licensed food fish, game fish and combination fishing guides.
HTMLPDF220-352-250Sale under a limited fish seller endorsement.
HTMLPDF220-352-280Transportation of anadromous game fish and roe.
HTMLPDF220-352-290Unlawful acts.
HTMLPDF220-352-300Coastal groundfish and halibutAdditional reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-352-305Coastal Dungeness crabAdditional reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-352-310Forage fish and mackerelAdditional reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-352-315Columbia River salmon, sturgeon, and smeltAdditional reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-352-320Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay salmon and sturgeonAdditional reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-352-325Puget Sound salmon and sturgeonAdditional reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-352-330Coastal salmon trollAdditional reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-352-335Puget Sound shrimpAdditional reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-352-340Puget Sound crabAdditional reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-352-345Sea urchin and sea cucumberAdditional reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-352-350GeoduckAdditional reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF220-352-355Puget Sound scallopAdditional reporting requirements.
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