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PDFWAC 220-352-010

Fish receiving ticket definitions.

The following definitions apply to this chapter:
(1) "Department" means the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Fish Program - Commercial Harvest Data Team, 600 Capitol Way North, Olympia, Washington 98501-1091.
(2) "Fish" means food fish classified under WAC 220-300-370, game fish classified under WAC 220-300-380, and any other fish species subject to catch or harvest reporting requirements under state or federal law.
(3) "Fish broker" means a person who facilitates the sale or purchase of raw or frozen fish or shellfish on a fee or commission basis, without assuming title to the fish or shellfish and is required to have a fish dealer license.
A broker is not required to have a fish dealer license if the fish or shellfish only transit the state of Washington, and no storage, handling, processing, or repackaging occurs within the state.
(4) "Fish buyer," "buyer," or "wholesale fish buyer" means a person who:
(a) Takes first possession or ownership of fish or shellfish directly from a commercial fisher that is landed into the state of Washington; or
(b) Takes first possession or ownership of raw or frozen fish or shellfish in the state of Washington from interstate or foreign commerce; or
(c) Engages in the wholesale buying or selling of fish or shellfish harvested by fishers exercising treaty rights; or
(d) Acts as an agent for a wholesale fish buyer, to include purchasing or receiving fish or shellfish on a contractual basis.
(5) "Fish receiving ticket" is an official department document, available in paper or electronic form, for recording the delivery of commercial fish and shellfish and related transactions identified in WAC 220-352-020.
(6) "Fisher" means a person engaged in commercial fishing activities.
(7) "Fresh" or "raw" means unprocessed and unfrozen, regardless of whether the fish or shellfish are in the round, cleaned, or packaged for retail sale.
(8) "Frozen" means completely frozen throughout. Flash frozen and surface glaze frozen fish and shellfish are unfrozen fish and shellfish.
(9) "Groundfish" refers to the flatfish, rockfish, and roundfish species managed under the Pacific Fishery Management Council's Pacific Coast Groundfish Fishery Management Plan and equivalent management plans in British Columbia and Alaska. The term is largely synonymous with the definition of "bottomfish" at WAC 220-300-040 but identifies a more limited subset of species.
(10) For deliveries made from the groundfish fisheries operating under 50 C.F.R., Part 660, the terms "to land," "landing," and "landed" are equivalent to the term "to deliver" as defined under RCW 77.15.630 (4)(b).
(11) "Location services" is a feature of an electronic computing device which enables applications and websites to automatically generate a geographic location of a person or device.
(12) "Nontreaty" means all entities not qualified by definition as "treaty."
(13) Except as provided, "original receiver" or "receiver" means a person who holds a wholesale fish buyer endorsement or a limited fish seller endorsement. Except as provided, an original receiver means the first person in possession of fish or shellfish in the state of Washington who is acting in the capacity of a buyer:
(a) A fisher who is not the holder of a limited fish seller endorsement and who sells fish or shellfish to anyone other than a wholesale fish buyer, or a fisher who delivers fish or shellfish and places the fish or shellfish into interstate or foreign commerce, is the original receiver of the fish or shellfish;
(b) A cold storage facility that holds fish or shellfish for a fisher is not an original receiver, provided that the facility does not process, package, or otherwise handle the fish or shellfish;
(c) A person transporting fish or shellfish on behalf of a fisher, and who is in possession of an accurately completed commercial food fish and shellfish transportation ticket, is not an original receiver, provided that the fish or shellfish are transported only to a cold storage facility or to a wholesale fish buyer.
(14) "Processed" means preparing and preserving and requires a fish buyer's license. Preserving includes treating with heat, including smoking and kippering. Cooked crab is processed. Preserving also includes freezing fish and shellfish.
(15) "Shellfish" means shellfish classified under WAC 220-320-010 and any other marine invertebrate species subject to catch or harvest reporting requirements under state or federal law.
(16) "Terms of use" are the rules, specifications, and requirements for the use of department-approved electronic catch reporting software or applications.
(17) "Treaty" and "treaty Indian," for purposes of fish receiving tickets only, means persons who are members of federally recognized Indian tribes who harvest fish or shellfish in Washington pursuant to an Indian treaty, whether such harvest is on or off reservation.
(18) "Working day" means Monday through Friday, exclusive of a Washington state or federal holiday.
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