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PDFWAC 192-310-190

When is a corporate officer with at least ten percent ownership considered unemployed?

(1) This section applies if your claim for benefits is based on wages from a corporation that are twenty-five percent or more of your total covered base year wages and you are an officer of that corporation who:
(a) Owns ten percent or more of the outstanding stock or shares of the corporation; or
(b) Has a family member who is also a corporate officer who owns ten percent or more of the outstanding stock or shares of the corporation. For purposes of this section, a "family member" is a person related by blood or marriage or domestic partnership as parent, stepparent, grandparent, spouse or domestic partner, child, brother, sister, stepchild, adopted child, or grandchild.
(2) At any time during the benefit year of your claim, you are a corporate officer under subsection (1) of this section even if you are not paid wages during that time.
(3) You are considered unemployed and potentially eligible for benefits for weeks after:
(a) The corporation dissolves; or
(b) You permanently resign or are permanently removed as a corporate officer under the articles of incorporation or bylaws.
For purposes of this section, "permanently" means for a period of indefinite duration, but expected to extend at least through the claimant's benefit year end date.
(4) You will be ineligible for benefits and liable for repayment of all benefits paid during that benefit year if you take a position as a corporate officer as defined under subsection (1) of this section at any time during your claim.
(5) For purposes of this section, the department will consider a corporation dissolved when the corporation has provided the department with at least two of the following documents:
(a) A business licensing service change form requesting closure of the corporate account;
(b) A department of revenue clearance certificate;
(c) Articles of dissolution of a Washington profit corporation filed with the secretary of state; or
(d) A court order dissolving the corporation.
(6) A corporation must provide notice to the department in a format approved by the department when the ownership percentage of a corporate officer increases to become ten percent or more or decreases to become less than ten percent. The notice is due by the time the next quarterly tax and wage report is due from the corporation.
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