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PDFWAC 181-79A-232

Substitute certificate.

(1) Substitute certificate.
(a) Intent. The intent of the substitute certificate is to provide a district, educational service district, or approved private school with hiring flexibility during the absence of an educator.
(b) Roles.
(i) This certificate may be issued in the role of teacher, educational staff associate, or administrator.
(ii) Educational staff associates may only substitute in the specific role of their certificate.
(iii) The substitute certificate entitles the holder to act as substitute during the absence of the regularly certificated staff member for a period not to exceed one hundred eighty days during the school year in any one assignment.
(iv) If a district, educational service district, or approved private school employs a teacher holding a substitute certificate in any one assignment for more than thirty working days, then the district, educational service district, or approved private school must within twenty working days develop a plan of professional learning for the individual that is appropriate to the assignment, designed to support their professional growth, and enhance instructional knowledge and skills to meet district needs and assist students in meeting the state learning goals.
(c) Minimum requirements. The substitute certificate may be issued to:
(i) Teachers, educational staff associates, or administrators who hold or have held a regular state of Washington educator certificate; or
(ii) Persons who have completed state approved educator preparation programs for their role, if it is a role for which state-approved programs are required, and a bachelor's degree or higher at an accredited college or university as required for the initial or residency certificate for their role in chapter 181-79A WAC; or
(iii) Persons applying as out-of-state applicants who qualify for certification pursuant to WAC 181-79A-257; or
(iv) Persons who hold or have held a continuing career and technical education teacher certificate.
(d) Request requirements. The individual educator applies for the substitute certificate.
(e) Validity. The substitute certificate is valid for life.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28A.410.220. WSR 18-21-072, ยง 181-79A-232, filed 10/11/18, effective 11/11/18.]
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