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PDFWAC 181-79A-140

Certificate roles.

The provisions of this chapter apply to the certificate roles listed in this section. Certificates in the following roles shall be issued:
(1) Teacher. The teacher certificate authorizes service as a classroom teacher.
(2) Career and technical education. The career and technical education certificates authorize service in career and technical education programs in accordance with chapter 181-77 WAC.
(3) First peoples' language, culture, and oral tribal traditions. The first peoples' language, culture, and oral tribal traditions teacher certificate authorizes service in accordance with WAC 181-78A-700.
(4) Administrator.
(a) The administrator certificate for principal authorizes services as a building administrator or assistant principal.
(b) The administrator certificates for superintendent or program administrator will be issued to persons who meet professional educator standards board certification standards for service in the roles of superintendent or program administrator.
(5) Educational staff associate.
(a) The educational staff associate certificate authorizes service in the following roles:
(i) School behavior analyst;
(ii) School counselor;
(iii) School nurse;
(iv) School occupational therapist;
(v) School orientation and mobility specialist;
(vi) School physical therapist;
(vii) School psychologist;
(viii) School social worker;
(ix) School speech pathologist or audiologist.
(b) Nothing within chapter 181-79A WAC authorizes professional practice by an educational staff associate which is otherwise prohibited or restricted by any other law, including licensure statutes and rules and regulations adopted by the appropriate licensure board or agency.
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