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PDFWAC 181-79A-030


The following definitions shall apply to terms used in this chapter:
(1) The terms, "program approval," "endorsement," and "interstate compact," as defined in WAC 181-78A-010 shall apply to the provisions of this chapter.
(2) "Certificate" means the license issued by the superintendent of public instruction to teachers, administrators, and educational staff associates verifying that the individual has met the requirements set forth in this chapter.
(3) "Certificate renewal" means the process by which the validity of a valid or expired certificate is regained or extended.
(4) "Certificate reinstatement" means the process by which the validity of a revoked, surrendered, or suspended certificate is regained.
(5) "Continuing education" and "continuing education credit hours" are as defined in WAC 181-85-025 and 181-85-030.
(6) "Expired certificate" means a certificate that is no longer valid and can only be renewed under WAC 181-79A-240. The expiration date is as calculated in WAC 181-79A-117.
(7) "Issuance date" means the date a certificate was issued by the office of the superintendent of public instruction.
(8) "Validity date" of a residency, professional, initial, continuing, limited certificate, permit, or any CTE certificate under chapter 181-77 WAC, means the actual date of issuance.
(9) "Classroom teaching" means instructing students in an educational setting.
(10) "Baccalaureate degree" means a baccalaureate degree or higher from an accredited college or university.
(a) If a candidate was accepted into a program in Washington state on or before August 31, 2000, and completes the program on or before August 31, 2003, the candidate may hold a baccalaureate degree in any of the subject areas of the endorsements listed in chapter 181-82A WAC. Such degrees shall require the completion of at least forty-five quarter hours (thirty semester hours) of course work in the subject area.
(b) If a candidate under (a) of this subsection holds a baccalaureate degree in another academic field, they will not be required to obtain a second baccalaureate degree if they provide evidence to the superintendent of public instruction that they have completed the required forty-five quarter or thirty semester hours of course work in one of the subject areas of the endorsements listed in chapter 181-82A WAC.
(11) "Master's degree" for the purpose of this chapter, means a master's or higher degree from an accredited college or university.
(12) "Credit hour(s)" means credit (normally 100 level or above) awarded by an accredited institution of higher education.
(13) "Previous standards" means a certification system in place prior to a revision in rules that results in changed names and/or validity periods for the certificates issued.
(14) "Application for certification" means an application for a certificate or endorsement that includes a signed affidavit (as specified in WAC 181-79A-157) by the applicant. Such application shall be considered valid for two years from the date of receipt by the superintendent of public instruction, or its designee.
(15) "A positive impact on student learning" means that a teacher through instruction and assessment has been able to document students' increased knowledge and/or demonstration of a skill or skills related to the state goals and/or essential academic learning requirements. Teachers employed by private schools who are candidates for the professional teaching certificate shall document students' increased knowledge and/or demonstration of a skill or skills related to either:
(a) The state goals or essential academic learning requirements; or
(b) Such alternative learning goals as the private school has established.
(16) "Approved private school" means any organization of institution providing educational services to children including, but not limited to, approved private schools, state institutions, juvenile institutions, nonpublic agencies providing special education services, development centers, and bureau of Indian affairs schools.
(17) "College" or "university" means any accredited institution as defined in WAC 250-61-050.
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