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Chapter 4.24 RCW



HTMLPDF 4.24.005Tort actionsAttorneys' feesDetermination of reasonableness.
HTMLPDF 4.24.010Action for injury or death of child.
HTMLPDF 4.24.020Action by parent for seduction of child.
HTMLPDF 4.24.040Action for negligently permitting fire to spread.
HTMLPDF 4.24.050Kindling of fires by persons driving lumber.
HTMLPDF 4.24.060Application of common law.
HTMLPDF 4.24.070Recovery of money lost at gambling.
HTMLPDF 4.24.080Action to recover leased premises used for gambling.
HTMLPDF 4.24.090Validity of evidence of gambling debt.
HTMLPDF 4.24.115Validity of agreement to indemnify against liability for negligence relative to construction, alteration, improvement, etc., of structure or improvement attached to real estate or relative to a motor carrier transportation contract.
HTMLPDF 4.24.130Action for change of nameFees.
HTMLPDF 4.24.140Action by another state to enforce tax liability.
HTMLPDF 4.24.141Action by another state to enforce tax liability"Taxes" defined.
HTMLPDF 4.24.150Action for fines or forfeitures.
HTMLPDF 4.24.160Action for penaltyAmount of recovery.
HTMLPDF 4.24.170Judgment for penalty or forfeitureEffect of collusion.
HTMLPDF 4.24.180Disposition of fines, fees, penalties and forfeituresVenue.
HTMLPDF 4.24.190Action against parent for willful injury to person or property by minorMonetary limitationCommon law liability preserved.
HTMLPDF 4.24.200Liability of owners or others in possession of land and water areas for injuries to recreation usersPurpose.
HTMLPDF 4.24.210Liability of owners or others in possession of land and water areas for injuries to recreation usersKnown dangerous artificial latent conditionsOther limitations.
HTMLPDF 4.24.220Action for being detained on mercantile establishment premises for investigation"Reasonable grounds" as defense.
HTMLPDF 4.24.230Liability for conversion of goods or merchandise from store or mercantile establishment, leaving restaurant or hotel or motel without payingAdults, minorsParents, guardiansNotice.
HTMLPDF 4.24.235PhysiciansImmunity from liability regarding safety belts.
HTMLPDF 4.24.240Persons licensed to provide health care or related services, employees, hospitals, clinics, etc.Professional review committee, society, examining, licensing or disciplinary board members, etc.Immunity from civil suit.
HTMLPDF 4.24.250Health care provider filing charges or presenting evidenceImmunityInformation sharing.
HTMLPDF 4.24.260Health professionals making reports, filing charges, or presenting evidenceImmunity.
HTMLPDF 4.24.264Boards of directors or officers of nonprofit corporationsLiabilityLimitations.
HTMLPDF 4.24.290Action for damages based on professional negligence of hospitals or members of healing artsStandard of proofEvidenceException.
HTMLPDF 4.24.300Immunity from liability for certain types of medical care.
HTMLPDF 4.24.310Persons rendering emergency care or transportationDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 4.24.311Immunity from liability for certain care or assistance at scene of emergency or disaster.
HTMLPDF 4.24.314Person causing hazardous materials incidentResponsibility for incident clean-upLiability.
HTMLPDF 4.24.320Action by person damaged by malicious mischief to livestock or by owner damaged by theft of livestockTreble damages, attorney's fees.
HTMLPDF 4.24.330Action for damages caused by criminal street gang tagging and graffiti.
HTMLPDF 4.24.340Liability of merchants and other parties for creating a property crime databaseInformation sharing.
HTMLPDF 4.24.345Unlawfully summoning a law enforcement officerCivil action.
HTMLPDF 4.24.350Actions for damages that are false, unfounded, malicious, without probable cause, or part of conspiracyAction, claim, or counterclaim by judicial officer, prosecuting authority, or law enforcement officer for malicious prosecutionDamages and costsAttorneys' feesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 4.24.355Action by person removed from premises pursuant to RCW 9A.52.105Damages, costs, attorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 4.24.360Construction contract provision waiving, releasing, etc., rights of contractor, etc., to damages or adjustment for unreasonable delay caused by contractee, etc.Declared void and unenforceableExceptions.
HTMLPDF 4.24.370Construction contract provision waiving, releasing, etc., rights of contractor, etc., to damages or adjustment for unreasonable delay caused by contractee, etc."Construction contract" defined.
HTMLPDF 4.24.380Construction contract provision waiving, releasing, etc., rights of contractor, etc., to damages or adjustment for unreasonable delay caused by contractee, etc.Prospective application of RCW 4.24.360.
HTMLPDF 4.24.400Building warden assisting others to evacuate building or attempting to control hazardImmunity from liability.
HTMLPDF 4.24.410Dog handler using dog in line of dutyImmunity.
HTMLPDF 4.24.420Action by person committing a felonyDefenseLaw enforcement activitiesActions under 42 U.S.C. Sec. 1983.
HTMLPDF 4.24.430Actions by persons serving criminal sentenceWaiver of filing feesEffect of previous claims dismissed on grounds claim was frivolous or malicious.
HTMLPDF 4.24.450Liability of operators for nuclear incidentsDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 4.24.460Liability of operators for nuclear incidentsPresumption of operator negligenceRebuttalRecovery for negligence or against other parties not limited by section.
HTMLPDF 4.24.470Liability of officials and members of governing body of public agencyDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 4.24.480Liability of members of state hazardous materials planning committee and local emergency planning committees.
HTMLPDF 4.24.490Indemnification of state employees.
HTMLPDF 4.24.495Liability of public employers for deducting or receiving agency or fair share fees from public employeesFindings and declarationDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 4.24.500Good faith communication to government agencyLegislative findingsPurpose.
HTMLPDF 4.24.510Communication to government agency or self-regulatory organizationImmunity from civil liability.
HTMLPDF 4.24.520Good faith communication to government agencyWhen agency or attorney general may defend against lawsuitCosts and fees.
HTMLPDF 4.24.530Limitations on liability for equine activitiesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 4.24.540Limitations on liability for equine activitiesExceptions.
HTMLPDF 4.24.545Electronic monitoring or 24/7 sobriety program participationLimitation on liability.
HTMLPDF 4.24.550Sex offenders and kidnapping offendersRelease of information to publicWebsite.
HTMLPDF 4.24.5501Sex offendersModel policyWork group.
HTMLPDF 4.24.551Law enforcement response to secure community transition facilityLimitation on liability.
HTMLPDF 4.24.555Release of information not restricted by pending appeal, petition, or writ.
HTMLPDF 4.24.556Sex offender treatment providersAffiliate sex offender treatment providersLimited liabilityResponsibilities.
HTMLPDF 4.24.558Limitations on liability for information sharing regarding persons under court orders for supervision or treatment.
HTMLPDF 4.24.560Defense to action for injury caused by indoor air pollutants.
HTMLPDF 4.24.570Acts against animals in research or educational facilities.
HTMLPDF 4.24.575Acts against animals kept for agricultural or veterinary purposes.
HTMLPDF 4.24.580Acts against animal facilitiesInjunction.
HTMLPDF 4.24.590Liability of foster parents.
HTMLPDF 4.24.595Liability immunityEmergent placement investigations of child abuse or neglectShelter care and other dependency orders.
HTMLPDF 4.24.601Hazards to the publicInformationLegislative findings, policy, intent.
HTMLPDF 4.24.611Product liability/hazardous substance claimsPublic right to informationConfidentialityDamages, costs, attorneys' feesRepeal.
HTMLPDF 4.24.630Liability for damage to land and propertyDamagesCostsAttorneys' feesExceptions.
HTMLPDF 4.24.640Firearm safety program liability.
HTMLPDF 4.24.660Liability of school districts under contracts with youth programs.
HTMLPDF 4.24.670Liability of volunteers of nonprofit or governmental entities.
HTMLPDF 4.24.680Unlawful release of court and law enforcement employee informationException.
HTMLPDF 4.24.690Unlawful release of court and law enforcement employee informationCourt action to prevent.
HTMLPDF 4.24.700Unlawful release of court and law enforcement employee informationDamages, fees, and costs.
HTMLPDF 4.24.710Outdoor music festival, campgroundDetention.
HTMLPDF 4.24.720Liability immunityAmber alerts.
HTMLPDF 4.24.730Liability immunityDisclosure of employee information to prospective employer.
HTMLPDF 4.24.740Liability immunityBovine handling activities.
HTMLPDF 4.24.750Monitoring of persons charged with or convicted of misdemeanorsDecisions concerning release of criminal offendersFindings.
HTMLPDF 4.24.760Limited jurisdiction courtsLimitation on liability for inadequate supervision or monitoringDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 4.24.770Private employer not liable for injury to unauthorized third-party occupant of private employer's vehicle.
HTMLPDF 4.24.780Liability of fire service protection agency in providing firefighting efforts outside of jurisdiction or emergency services.
HTMLPDF 4.24.785Delivery or installation of detection device by fire protection service agencyLiability for civil damages.
HTMLPDF 4.24.790Electronic impersonationAction for invasion of privacy.
HTMLPDF 4.24.792Unauthorized publication of personal identifying information.
HTMLPDF 4.24.800Liability immunityCharitable donation of eyeglasses or hearing instruments.
HTMLPDF 4.24.810Liability immunityCredentialing or granting practice privileges to health care providers responding to emergencies.
HTMLPDF 4.24.820Nonrecognition of foreign orderIncompatibility with public policy.
HTMLPDF 4.24.830AgritourismDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 4.24.832AgritourismImmunity.
HTMLPDF 4.24.835AgritourismWarning notice.
HTMLPDF 4.24.840Effect of sexual harassment or sexual assault nondisclosure agreement on discovery and witness availability.
HTMLPDF 4.24.850Action by victim of false reportingLiability to a public agency.
HTMLPDF 4.24.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Action for money damages due to gambling violations: RCW 9.46.200.
Arson reporting immunity act: Chapter 48.50 RCW.
Consent to treatment of minor for sexually transmitted disease, liability: RCW 70.24.110.
Food donation and distribution, limitation of liability: Chapter 69.80 RCW.
Hazardous materials incidents, rendering emergency aid, liability: RCW 70.136.050.
Injuries resulting from health care, special actions: Chapter 7.70 RCW.
Malpractice insurance for retired physicians providing health care services: RCW 43.70.460.
Mine rescue or recovery work, liability: RCW 38.52.198.
Physician or hospital rendering emergency care, liability: RCW 18.71.220.
Physician's trained advanced emergency medical technician and paramedic, liability: RCW 18.71.210.
Public benefit hospital entity joint self-insurance program filings and publications, civil immunity: RCW 48.190.120.
Special proceedings and actions: Title 7 RCW.