Title 4 RCW

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4.04Rule of decisionForm of actions.
4.08Parties to actions.
4.14Removal of certain actions to superior court.
4.16Limitation of actions.
4.18Uniform conflict of lawsLimitations act.
4.20Survival of actions.
4.22Contributory faultEffectImputationContributionSettlement agreements.
4.24Special rights of action and special immunities.
4.28Commencement of actions.
4.36General rules of pleading.
4.48Trial before referee.
4.52Agreed cases.
4.60Judgment by confession.
4.64Entry of judgments.
4.68Procedure to bind joint debtor.
4.72Vacation and modification of judgments.
4.76New trials.
4.92Actions and claims against state.
4.96Actions against political subdivisions, municipal and quasi-municipal corporations.
4.100Wrongly convicted persons.
4.105Uniform public expression protection act.


Arbitration of civil actions: Chapter 7.06 RCW.
Bonds, judicial
attachment: Chapter 6.25 RCW.
bail and appearance: Chapter 10.19 RCW.
civil actions, court to fix amount: RCW 4.44.470.
civil appeals from district courts: Chapter 12.36 RCW.
contempt: Chapter 7.21 RCW.
costs, security: RCW 4.84.210 through 4.84.240.
criminal appeals from district courts: Chapter 10.10 RCW.
criminal appeals to supreme court: Chapter 10.73 RCW.
executions, levy on joint personalty: RCW 6.17.180, 6.17.190.
extradition: Chapter 10.88 RCW.
garnishment: Chapter 6.27 RCW.
injunction: Chapter 7.40 RCW.
judgments, sentences, good behavior, maintain peace: RCW 10.64.070.
municipal courts: Chapter 35.20 RCW.
ne exeat: Chapter 7.44 RCW.
nuisance, stay of warrant: RCW 7.48.040.
preliminary hearings: Chapter 10.16 RCW.
public officers, official bonds: Chapter 42.08 RCW.
replevin: Chapter 7.64 RCW.
replevin, district courts: Chapter 12.28 RCW.
suretyship, generally: Chapters 19.72, 48.28 RCW.
Chattel mortgages, foreclosure: Article 62A.9A RCW.
Claims against
cities and towns: Chapters 35.31, 35A.31 RCW.
counties: Chapter 36.45 RCW.
Claims, reports, etc., filing and receipt: RCW 1.12.070.
Federal court local law certificate procedure act: Chapter 2.60 RCW.
Foreign corporations, nonadmittedActions against: Chapter 23B.18 RCW.
Immunity from implied warranties and civil liability relating to blood, plasma, and blood derivativesScopeEffective date: RCW 70.54.120.
Indians, jurisdiction in criminal and civil causes: Chapter 37.12 RCW.
Industrial insurance, procedure: Title 51 RCW.
Justice without unnecessary delay: State Constitution Art. 1 s 10.
Liens, foreclosure: Title 60 RCW.
Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debtsFees: RCW 19.16.500.
Real estate mortgages, foreclosure: Chapter 61.12 RCW.
Redress of injuries to property under code of military justice: RCW 38.38.856.
Tax refunds: Chapter 84.69 RCW.