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An authority shall have the following powers:
(1) To establish offices, departments, boards, and commissions that are necessary to carry out the purposes of the authority, and to prescribe the functions, powers, and duties thereof.
(2) To appoint or provide for the appointment of, and to remove or to provide for the removal of, all officers and employees of the authority.
(3) To fix the salaries, wages, and other compensation of all officers and employees of the authority.
(4) To employ such engineering, legal, financial, or other specialized personnel as may be necessary to accomplish the purposes of the authority.
(5) To determine risks, hazards, and liabilities in order to obtain insurance consistent with these determinations. This insurance may include any types of insurance covering, and for the benefit of, one or more parties with whom the authority contracts for any purpose, and insurance for the benefit of its board members, authority officers, and employees to insure against liability for acts or omissions while performing or in good faith purporting to perform their official duties. All insurance obtained for construction of authority projects with a total project cost exceeding one hundred million dollars may be acquired by bid or by negotiation. In order to allow the authority flexibility to secure appropriate insurance by negotiation, the authority is exempt from RCW 48.30.270.
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