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Area includedElections.

(1) At the time of formation, the area to be included within the boundary of the authority shall be that area set forth in the system plan adopted by the joint regional policy committee. Prior to submitting the system and financing plan to the voters, the authority may make adjustments to the boundaries as deemed appropriate but must assure that, to the extent possible, the boundaries: (a) Include the largest-population urban growth area designated by each county under chapter 36.70A RCW; and (b) follow election precinct boundaries. If a portion of any city is determined to be within the service area, the entire city must be included within the boundaries of the authority. Subsequent to formation, when territory is annexed to a city located within the boundaries of the authority, the territory is simultaneously included within the boundaries of the authority and subject to all taxes and other liabilities and obligations applicable within the city with respect to the authority as provided in RCW 35.13.500 and 35A.14.475, subject to RCW 84.09.030 and 82.14.055, and notwithstanding any other provision of law.
(2) After voters within the authority boundaries have approved the system and financing plan, elections to add areas contiguous to the authority boundaries may be called by resolution of the regional transit authority, after consultation with affected transit agencies and with the concurrence of the legislative authority of the city or town if the area is incorporated, or with the concurrence of the county legislative authority if the area is unincorporated. Only those areas that would benefit from the services provided by the authority may be included and services or projects proposed for the area must be consistent with the regional transportation plan. The election may include a single ballot proposition providing for annexation to the authority boundaries and imposition of the taxes at rates already imposed within the authority boundaries, subject to RCW 84.09.030 and 82.14.055.


Effective date2015 3rd sp.s. c 44: See note following RCW 46.68.395.
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