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Washington state identicards—Foster youth.

(1) For the purpose of assisting foster youth in obtaining a Washington state identicard, submission of the information and materials listed in this subsection from the department to the department of licensing is sufficient proof of identity and residency and shall serve as the necessary authorization for the youth to apply for and obtain a Washington state identicard:
(a) A written signed statement prepared on department letterhead, verifying the following:
(i) The youth is a minor who resides in Washington;
(ii) Pursuant to a court order, the youth is dependent and the department is the legal custodian of the youth under chapter 13.34 RCW or under the interstate compact on the placement of children;
(iii) The youth's full name and date of birth;
(iv) The youth's social security number, if available;
(v) A brief physical description of the youth;
(vi) The appropriate address to be listed on the youth's identicard; and
(vii) Contact information for the appropriate person with the department.
(b) A photograph of the youth, which may be digitized and integrated into the statement.
(2) The department may provide the statement and the photograph via any of the following methods, whichever is most efficient or convenient:
(a) Delivered via first-class mail or electronically to the headquarters office of the department of licensing; or
(b) Hand-delivered to a local office of the department of licensing by a department caseworker.
(3) A copy of the statement shall be provided to the youth who shall provide the copy to the department of licensing when making an in-person application for a Washington state identicard.
(4) To the extent other identifying information is readily available, the department shall include the additional information with the submission of information required under subsection (1) of this section.
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