Chapter 74.13 RCW



74.13.010Declaration of purpose.
74.13.013FindingAccreditation of children's services.
74.13.021Developmentally disabled childDefined.
74.13.025Counties may administer and provide services under RCW 13.32A.197Plan for at-risk youth required.
74.13.029Dependency establishedSocial worker's duty to provide document containing information.
74.13.031Duties of departmentChild welfare servicesChildren's services advisory committee.
74.13.0311Services provided under deferred prosecution order.
74.13.035Crisis residential centersAnnual records, contentsMultiple licensing.
74.13.036Implementation of chapters 13.32A and 13.34 RCW.
74.13.037Transitional living programs for youth in the process of being emancipatedRules.
74.13.039Runaway hotline.
74.13.042Petition for order compelling disclosure of record or information.
74.13.045Complaint resolution process.
74.13.055Foster careLength of stay.
74.13.060Secretary as custodian of funds of person placed with department or its agentAuthorityLimitationsTermination.
74.13.062Eligible relatives appointed as guardiansReceipt and expenditure of federal fundsImplementation of subsidy programDepartment to adopt rulesRelative guardianship subsidy agreements.
74.13.065Out-of-home careSocial study required.
74.13.070Moneys in possession of secretary not subject to certain proceedings.
74.13.075Sexually aggressive youthDefinedServicesExpenditure of treatment fundsTribal jurisdictionInformation sharing and confidentiality.
74.13.077Sexually aggressive youthTransfer of surplus funds for treatment.
74.13.080Group care placementPrerequisites for payment.
74.13.1051Foster youth education and plans for the futureMemoranda of understanding among agenciesTransfer of responsibilities from the departmentIndicators relating to education outcomes.
74.13.107Child and family reinvestment accountMethodology for calculating savings resulting from reductions in foster care caseloads and per capita costs.
74.13.110Contracted services performance improvement account.
74.13.170Therapeutic family home program for youth in custody under chapter 13.34 RCW.
74.13.232Services to homeless families.
74.13.250Preservice trainingFoster parents.
74.13.260On-site monitoring program.
74.13.270Respite care.
74.13.280Client information.
74.13.283Washington state identicardsFoster youth.
74.13.285PassportsInformation to be provided to foster parents.
74.13.287IntentInfant, foster family health.
74.13.288Blood-borne pathogensTesting.
74.13.289Blood-borne pathogensClient informationTraining.
74.13.290Fewest possible placements for childrenPreferred placements.
74.13.300Notification of proposed placement changes.
74.13.310Foster parent training.
74.13.315Child care for foster parents attending meetings or training.
74.13.325Foster care and adoptive home recruitment program.
74.13.330Responsibilities of foster parents.
74.13.332Rights of foster parents.
74.13.333Rights of foster parentsComplaintsInvestigationNotice of any personnel actionReport.
74.13.334Department procedures to respond to foster parents' complaints.
74.13.335Foster careReimbursementProperty damage.
74.13.336Extended foster care services.
74.13.338Driver's license support for foster youth.
74.13.341Transition planPlanning servicesQualification for services provided by the developmental disabilities administration.
74.13.500Disclosure of child welfare recordsFactorsException.
74.13.505Disclosure of child welfare recordsInformation to be disclosed.
74.13.510Disclosure of child welfare recordsConsideration of effects.
74.13.515Disclosure of child welfare recordsFatalities.
74.13.520Disclosure of child welfare recordsInformation not to be disclosed.
74.13.525Disclosure of child welfare recordsImmunity from liability.
74.13.530Child placementConflict of interest.
74.13.540Independent living services.
74.13.550Child placementPolicy of educational continuity.
74.13.560Educational continuityProtocol development.
74.13.570Oversight committeeDuties.
74.13.580Educational stability during shelter care hearingProtocol development.
74.13.590Tasks to be performed based on available resources.
74.13.600Kinship caregiversDefinitionPlacement of children with kin a priorityStrategies.
74.13.621Kinship care oversight committee.
74.13.631School-aged youth in out-of-home careSchool placement options.
74.13.632School-aged youth in out-of-home careEducational experiences and progressReports.
74.13.640Child fatality reviews.
74.13.650Foster parent critical support and retention program.
74.13.660Foster parent critical support and retention programAvailability, assessment, training, referral.
74.13.670Care provider immunity for allegation of failure to supervise a sexually reactive, physically assaultive, or physically aggressive youthConditions.
74.13.680Foster care to twenty-one programTermination.
74.13.690Child welfare measurements.
74.13.695Validated tool to assess care needs.
74.13.700Denial or delay of licensure or approval of unsupervised access to children.
74.13.705Background checksOut-of-state requestsFees.
74.13.710Out-of-home careChildhood activitiesPrudent parent standard.
74.13.715Family connections programReport to legislature.
74.13.720Certificates of parental improvementIssuanceStandardsRulesLiability.
74.13.730Certificates of parental improvementAdministrative review.
74.13.802Child welfare housing assistance pilot program.
74.13.805Medicaid waiver services eligibility reporting.
74.13.901ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
74.13.902ConstructionReligious or nonprofit organizations.
74.13.903ConstructionPrevention services.


Consistency required in administration of statutes applicable to runaway youth, at-risk youth, and families in conflict: RCW 43.20A.770.