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Instruments to be recorded or filed.

The auditor or recording officer must, upon the payment of the fees as required in RCW 36.18.010 for the same, acknowledge receipt therefor in writing or printed form and record in large and well bound books, or by photographic, photomechanical, electronic format, or other approved process, the following:
(1) Deeds, grants and transfers of real property, mortgages and releases of mortgages of real estate, instruments or agreements relating to community or separate property, powers of attorney to convey real estate, and leases which have been acknowledged or proved: PROVIDED, That deeds, contracts and mortgages of real estate described by lot and block and addition or plat, shall not be filed or recorded until the plat of such addition has been filed and made a matter of record;
(2) Patents to lands and receivers' receipts, whether for mineral, timber, homestead or preemption claims or cash entries;
(3) All such other papers or writing as are required by law to be recorded and such as are required by law to be filed.


Claim of spouse or domestic partner in community realty to be filed: RCW 26.16.100.
Marriage certificate to county auditor, filing and recording, etc.: RCW 26.04.090, 26.04.100.
Purchaser of community realty protected by record title: RCW 26.16.095.
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