Chapter 65.04 RCW



65.04.020Duty to provide records.
65.04.030Instruments to be recorded or filed.
65.04.033Notice of abandoned cemetery documentRecording requirements.
65.04.040Method for recording instrumentsMarginal notationsArrangement of records.
65.04.045Recorded instrumentsRequirementsContent restrictionsForm.
65.04.047Recorded instrumentsCover sheetWhen requiredForm.
65.04.048Additional fee for certain documents not meeting requirementsSigned statement.
65.04.050Index of instruments, how made and keptRecording of plat names.
65.04.060Record when lien is discharged.
65.04.070Recording judgments affecting real property.
65.04.080Entries when instruments offered for recordContent restrictions.
65.04.090Further endorsementsDelivery.
65.04.110Liability of auditor for damages.
65.04.115Names on documents, etc., to be printed or typewrittenIndexing.
65.04.130Fees to be paid or tendered.
65.04.140Auditor as custodian of records.


Corporate seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.
County auditor: Chapter 36.22 RCW.
Fees of county officers, generally: Chapter 36.18 RCW.
Powers of appointment: Chapter 11.95 RCW.
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