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Duties of governmental entity acquiring lost propertyDisposal of property.

Any governmental entity that acquires lost property shall attempt to notify the apparent owner of the property. If the property is not returned to a person validly establishing ownership or right to possession of the property, the governmental entity shall forward the lost property within thirty days but not less than ten days after the time the governmental entity acquires the lost property to the chief law enforcement officer, his or her designated representative, or other designated entity under *RCW 63.32.060, of the county in which the property was found, except that if the property is found within the borders of a city or town the property shall be forwarded to the chief law enforcement officer of the city or town, his or her designated representative, or other entity of the city or town so designated under RCW 63.21.090. A governmental entity may elect to retain property which it acquires and dispose of the property as provided by chapter 63.32 or 63.40 RCW.


*Reviser's note: The reference to RCW 63.32.060 appears to be erroneous. RCW 63.21.090 was apparently intended.
Intent2020 c 26: See note following RCW 63.21.090.
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