Chapter 63.21 RCW



HTMLPDF 63.21.010Procedure where finder wishes to claim found propertyAppraisalSurrender of propertyNotice of intent to claimPublication.
HTMLPDF 63.21.020Circumstances extinguishing finder's claim to property.
HTMLPDF 63.21.030Release of property to finderLimitationsPayment to governmental entityExpiration of finder's claim.
HTMLPDF 63.21.040Failure to comply with chapterForfeiture of right to property.
HTMLPDF 63.21.050Duties of chief law enforcement officer receiving found property.
HTMLPDF 63.21.060Duties of governmental entity acquiring lost propertyDisposal of property.
HTMLPDF 63.21.070Claim to found property by employee, officer, or agent of governmental entityLimitation.
HTMLPDF 63.21.080Chapter not applicable to certain unclaimed property.
HTMLPDF 63.21.090Designation of alternate entity to accept, store, retain, and dispose of found property.