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Mobile and manufactured home installationsExemptions and variances from permitting requirements and alteration rulesConditional sales of altered mobile and manufactured homes.

(1) With respect to mobile and manufactured homes that are installed in accordance with the standards adopted under RCW 43.22.440:
(a) The department shall adopt rules that:
(i) Specify exemptions from a requirement for a permit to alter a mobile or manufactured home;
(ii) Authorize the granting of variances from the rules adopted under this section for alterations that use materials, designs, or methods of construction different from those required under the rules adopted under this chapter; and
(iii) Require the seller of a mobile or manufactured home to deliver to the buyer prior to the sale: (A) A completed property transfer disclosure statement in accordance with chapter 64.06 RCW, unless the seller is exempt or the buyer waives his or her rights under chapter 64.06 RCW; and (B) the variance, if any, granted under the rules adopted under this section.
(b) The department may adopt a rule that allows parties to enter into a conditional sale of an altered mobile or manufactured home. However, a conditional sales agreement may be executed only if, prior to execution, the parties have complied with the department's requirements related to permit approval and a variance granted under the rules, if any, and with property transfer disclosure statement requirements.
(2) This chapter does not prohibit the sale of an altered mobile or manufactured home installed in accordance with the standards adopted under RCW 43.22.440. If, after an inspection requested by any party to a sale, including a party financing the sale, the department determines that an alteration may constitute a hazard to life, safety, or health, the department shall so notify the parties in writing within thirty days of completing the inspection and may notify the local official responsible for enforcing the uniform fire code adopted under chapter 19.27 RCW or local health officer, as applicable, within the relevant jurisdiction.


PurposeFindingEffective dates2002 c 268: See notes following RCW 43.22.434.
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