Chapter 43.22 RCW



43.22.005Deputy directors.
43.22.010Divisions of departmentPersonnel.
43.22.020Supervisor of industrial insuranceAppointmentAuthorityPersonnel.
43.22.030Powers and duties.
43.22.035Printed materialsDepartment's duties.
43.22.040Supervisor of industrial safety and healthAppointmentAuthorityPersonnel.
43.22.050Powers and duties.
43.22.051Rule making restricted.
43.22.052Five-year formal review process of existing rules.
43.22.053Supervisor of building and construction safety inspection servicesAppointmentAuthorityPersonnel.
43.22.260Supervisor of industrial relationsAppointmentAuthorityPersonnel.
43.22.270Powers and duties.
43.22.282Industrial welfare committee abolishedTransfer of powers, duties, and functions.
43.22.290Reports by employers.
43.22.300Compelling attendance of witnesses and testimonyPenalty.
43.22.310Access to plantsPenalty for refusal.
43.22.315Use of social security numbers in correspondence with third parties.
43.22.331Annual report on workers' compensation fraud.
43.22.335Manufactured homes, mobile homes, recreational vehiclesDefinitions.
43.22.340Manufactured homes, mobile homes, recreational vehiclesSafety rulesCompliancePenalty.
43.22.350Mobile homes, recreational or commercial vehiclesCompliance insigniaFee scheduleOut-of-state salesWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
43.22.355Mobile homes, recreational or commercial vehiclesSelf-certification for recreational vehicles and park trailersProceduresPerformance audit of quality control programs.
43.22.360Mobile homes, recreational or commercial vehiclesPlans and specificationsApprovalAlterationsRules.
43.22.370Mobile homes, recreational or commercial vehiclesLeased, sold, or manufactured in state prior to July 1, 1968Compliance not requiredException.
43.22.380Mobile homes, recreational or commercial vehiclesManufactured for use outside stateCompliance not requiredException.
43.22.390Mobile homes, recreational or commercial vehiclesInsigne of approval, when required.
43.22.400Mobile homes, recreational or commercial vehiclesMeeting standards of other states at least equal to this state.
43.22.410Mobile homes, recreational or commercial vehiclesMeeting requirements of chapter deemed compliance with county or city ordinances.
43.22.420Factory assembled structures advisory board.
43.22.430RCW 43.22.340 and 43.22.350 through 43.22.420 not to apply to common carrier equipment.
43.22.431Manufactured home safety and construction standardsEnforcement by director of labor and industries.
43.22.432Manufactured home construction and safety standards and regulationsRules.
43.22.434Inspections and investigations necessary to adopt or enforce rulesDirector's dutiesFeesWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
43.22.435Altering a mobile or manufactured homePermitPenaltiesAppealsNotice of correction.
43.22.436Mobile and manufactured home installationsExemptions and variances from permitting requirements and alteration rulesConditional sales of altered mobile and manufactured homes.
43.22.440Manufactured and mobile home installation service and warranty service standardsEnforcement.
43.22.442Warranty serviceTimely compensation for work performed.
43.22.445Mobile homesWarranties and inspectionsAdvertising of dimensions.
43.22.450Factory built housing and commercial structures, regulating installation ofDefinitions.
43.22.455Factory built housing and commercial structures, regulating installation ofHousing must be approved, have department insigniaSignificance of insigniaModification of housing during installation must be approved.
43.22.460Factory built housing and commercial structures, regulating installation ofCertain requirements reserved to local jurisdictions.
43.22.465Factory built housing and commercial structures, regulating installation ofInjunctive process, procedure.
43.22.470Factory built housing and commercial structures, regulating installation ofDelegation of inspection dutyQualified inspection agencies.
43.22.480Factory built housing and commercial structures, installationRulesEnforcementStandardsFeesWaiver of provisions during state of emergency.
43.22.485Factory built housing and commercial structures, regulating installation ofRecognizing out-of-state standards, enforcement, as department approved.
43.22.490Factory built housing and commercial structures, regulating installation ofViolation as misdemeanorPenalty.
43.22.495Manufactured housingDuties.
43.22.498Deposit of moneys from RCW 43.22.335 through 43.22.430 and 43.22.432 through 43.22.495.
43.22.500Printing and distribution of publicationsFees.
43.22.505Printing and distribution of publicationsAuthorized subject matters.
43.22.550Contract to issue conditional federal employer identification numbers, credentials, and documents in conjunction with license applications.


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Electrical installations
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Explosives, duties: Chapter 70.74 RCW.
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Industrial deaths, autopsies and postmortems: RCW 68.50.103 through 68.50.105.
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Labor disputes, arbitration: Chapter 49.08 RCW.
Occupational forecastAgency consultation: RCW 50.38.030.
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Prevailing wages on public worksDirector of labor and industries to arbitrate disputes: RCW 39.12.060.
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