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Option to submit document, form, or payment electronicallyRequirements.

(1) In any instance where a state agency requires that a business submit a document, form, or payment of a fee in paper format, the state agency must provide the business an option to submit such requirement electronically.
(2) A business may authorize a second party to meet the requirements imposed by a state agency under subsection (1) of this section on its behalf.
(3) The director of a state agency or the director's designee may exempt a document, form, or payment of a fee from the requirements of this section if:
(a)(i) There is a legal requirement for such materials to be submitted in paper format; or
(ii) It is not technically or fiscally feasible or practical, or in the best interest of businesses for such materials to be submitted electronically; and
(b) Within existing resources, the director or the director's designee establishes and maintains a process to notify the public regarding such exemptions.
(4) Agencies must add the capability to submit existing documents, forms, and fees electronically as part of their normal operations. New documents, forms, and fees required of a business must be capable of electronic submission within a reasonable time following either their creation or the implementation of the new requirement.
(5) Agencies must document how they plan to transition from paper to electronic forms.
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