Chapter 43.17 RCW



43.17.010Departments created.
43.17.020Chief executive officersAppointment.
43.17.030Powers and dutiesOath.
43.17.040Chief assistant directorPowers.
43.17.050Office at capitalBranch offices.
43.17.060Departmental rules and regulations.
43.17.070Administrative committees.
43.17.095Option to submit document, form, or payment electronicallyRequirements.
43.17.100Surety bonds for appointive state officers and employees.
43.17.110Data, information, interdepartmental assistance.
43.17.120Designation of agency to carry out federal social security disability program.
43.17.130Designation of agency to carry out federal social security disability programAppointment of personnel.
43.17.150Receipt of property or money from United States attorney generalUse, expenditureDeposit.
43.17.200Allocation of moneys for acquisition of works of artExpenditure by arts commissionConditions.
43.17.205Purchase of works of artInteragency reimbursement for expenditure by visual arts program.
43.17.210Purchase of works of artProcedure.
43.17.230Emergency information telephone servicesAccessibility from all phones requiredCharges.
43.17.240Debts owed to the stateInterest rate.
43.17.250Countywide planning policy.
43.17.310BusinessesRules coordinator to provide list of rules.
43.17.320Interagency disputesAlternative dispute resolutionDefinitions.
43.17.330Interagency disputesAlternative dispute resolutionMethods.
43.17.340Interagency disputesAlternative dispute resolutionException.
43.17.350Health-related state agenciesProfessional health servicesFee schedules.
43.17.360Lease of real propertyTerm of a leaseUse of proceedsRetroactive application.
43.17.370Prerelease copy of report or study to local government.
43.17.380Quality management, accountability, and performance systemDefinitions.
43.17.385Quality management, accountability, and performance system.
43.17.390Quality management, accountability, and performance systemIndependent assessment.
43.17.400Disposition of state-owned landNotice to governmental entitiesRight of first refusal.
43.17.410Sensitive personal information of vulnerable individuals or in-home caregivers for vulnerable populationsRelease of information prohibited.
43.17.420Immigration and citizenship statusDefinitions.
43.17.425Immigration and citizenship statusState agency restrictions.


Collection agency use by state: RCW 19.16.500.
Debts owed to state, interest rate: RCW 43.17.240.
Facilitating recovery from Mt. St. Helens eruptionScope of state agency action: RCW 43.01.210.