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OASI revolving fund.

(1) There is hereby established a separate fund in the custody of the state treasurer to be known as the OASI revolving fund. The fund shall consist of all moneys designated for deposit in the fund. The OASI revolving fund shall be used exclusively for the purpose of this section, including the costs of program administration. Withdrawals from the fund may be made for the payment of amounts the state may be obligated to pay or forfeit by reason of any failure of any public agency to pay assessments on contributions or interest assessments required under the federal-state agreement under this chapter or federal regulations.
(2) All costs allocable to the administration of this chapter shall be charged to and paid to the OASI revolving fund by the participating divisions and instrumentalities of the state pro rata according to their respective contributions.
(3) The treasurer of the state shall be ex officio treasurer and custodian of the fund and shall administer the fund in accordance with this chapter and the directions of the governor and shall pay all amounts drawn upon it in accordance with this section and with the regulations the governor may prescribe under this section.


Effective datesSeverability1991 sp.s. c 13: See notes following RCW 18.08.240.
Establishment of fund1983 1st ex.s. c 6: "For the purpose of establishing the OASI revolving fund, the state treasurer shall transfer from the interest earnings accrued in the OASI contribution fund the sum of twenty thousand dollars to the OASI revolving fund." [ 1983 1st ex.s. c 6 s 2.]
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