Chapter 41.48 RCW



HTMLPDF 41.48.010PurposeConstruction.
HTMLPDF 41.48.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 41.48.030Agreement with the federal secretary of health and human services.
HTMLPDF 41.48.040Employees' contributions.
HTMLPDF 41.48.050Extension of social security benefits to employees of political subdivisionsTermination, procedure.
HTMLPDF 41.48.060OASI contribution account.
HTMLPDF 41.48.065OASI revolving fund.
HTMLPDF 41.48.070Employees may elect.
HTMLPDF 41.48.080Administration costsAllocation.
HTMLPDF 41.48.090Rules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 41.48.100Governor may delegate authority.
HTMLPDF 41.48.110Legislative declarationPayments to state employees on account of sickness.
HTMLPDF 41.48.120Sick leave account createdPayments to state employees on account of sicknessExclusion from wages.
HTMLPDF 41.48.130Sick leave paymentsAccounting plan and payroll procedures.
HTMLPDF 41.48.140Establishment of sick leave rules by personnel authorities.
HTMLPDF 41.48.150Definition"Employee."
HTMLPDF 41.48.160Political subdivisionsSick leave paymentsAdoption of accounting plan and payroll procedures.
HTMLPDF 41.48.170Sick leave paymentsTransfers of moneys to sick leave account.
HTMLPDF 41.48.180Sick leave paymentsInclusion in reports to retirement systemCompensation for unused sick leave.


Acceptance of old age and survivors' insurance: Chapter 41.47 RCW.
Application formsLicensesMention of race or religion prohibitedPenalty: RCW 43.01.100.
Hours and wages of department of social and health services personnel: RCW 72.01.042, 72.01.043.
Plan for OASI coverage of members of
state employees' retirement system: Chapter 41.41 RCW.
teachers' retirement system: Chapter 41.33 RCW.
Trusts for employee benefits: Chapter 49.64 RCW.