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Removing child from school grounds during school hours.

The board of directors of each school district by rule or regulation shall set forth proper procedure to ensure that each school within their district is carrying out district policy providing that no child may be removed from any school grounds or building thereon during school hours except by a person so authorized by a parent or legal guardian having legal custody thereof, except that a student may leave secondary school grounds only in accordance with the school district's open campus policy under RCW 28A.600.035. Such rules shall be applicable to school employees or their designees who may not remove, cause to be removed, or allow to be removed, any student from school grounds without authorization from the student's parent or legal guardian unless the employee is: The student's parent, legal guardian, or immediate family member, a school employee providing school bus transportation services in accordance with chapter 28A.160 RCW, a school employee supervising an extracurricular activity in which the student is participating and the employee is providing transportation to or from the activity; or, the student is in need of emergent medical care, and the employee is unable to reach the parent for transportation of the student. School security personnel may remove a student from school grounds without parental authorization for disciplinary reasons.
Nothing in this section shall be construed to limit removal of a student from school grounds by any person acting in his or her official capacity in response to a 911 emergency call.
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