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Initial-level certificates.

The Washington professional educator standards board shall adopt rules providing that, except as provided in this section, all individuals qualifying for an initial-level teaching certificate after August 31, 1992, shall possess a baccalaureate degree in the arts, sciences, and/or humanities and have fulfilled the requirements for teacher certification pursuant to RCW 28A.410.210. However, candidates for grades preschool through eight certificates shall have fulfilled the requirements for a major as part of their baccalaureate degree. If the major is in early childhood education, elementary education, or special education, the candidate must have at least thirty quarter hours or twenty semester hours in one academic field.


IntentPart headings not lawEffective date2005 c 497: See notes following RCW 28A.305.011.
Findings1992 c 141: "The legislature finds that the educational needs of students when they leave the public school system has [have] increased dramatically in the past two decades. If young people are to prosper in our democracy and if our nation is to grow economically, it is imperative that the overall level of learning achieved by students be significantly increased.
To achieve this higher level of learning, the legislature finds that the state of Washington needs to develop a performance-based school system. Instead of maintaining burdensome state accountability laws and rules that dictate educational offerings, the state needs to hold schools accountable for their performance based on what their students learn.
The legislature further finds moving toward a performance-based accountability system will require repealing state laws and rules that inhibit the freedom of school boards and professional educators to carry out their work, and also will require that significantly more decisions be made at the school district and school building levels. In addition, it will be necessary to set high expectations for students, to identify what is expected of all students, and to develop a rigorous academic assessment system to determine if these expectations have been achieved.
The legislature further finds that the governor's council on education reform and funding will, by December 1992, identify broad student learning goals. Subject to decisions made by the 1993 legislature, the legislature finds that it is critical that an organization be established to continue the council's work in identifying necessary student skills and knowledge, to develop student assessment and school accountability systems, and to take other steps necessary to develop a performance-based education system.
The legislature further finds that there is a need for high quality professional development as the state implements a performance-based system. Professional development must be available to schools and school districts to maintain quality control and to assure access to proven research on effective teaching." [ 1992 c 141 § 1.]
Part headings1992 c 141: "Part headings as used in this act constitute no part of the law." [ 1992 c 141 § 601.]
Severability1992 c 141: "If any provision of this act or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of the act or the application of the provision to other persons or circumstances is not affected." [ 1992 c 141 § 602.]
Intent1987 c 525 §§ 201-233: "The legislature intends to enhance the education of the state's youth by improving the quality of teaching. The legislature intends to establish a framework for teacher and principal preparation programs and to recognize teaching as a profession.
The legislature finds that the quality of teacher preparation programs is enhanced when a planned, sequenced approach is used that provides for the application of practice to academic coursework.
The legislature supports better integration of the elements of teacher preparation programs including knowledge of subject matter, teaching methods, and actual teaching experiences.
The legislature finds that establishing: (1) A teaching internship program; (2) a post-baccalaureate program resulting in a master's degree; (3) stronger requirements for earning principal credentials; and (4) a review of the preparation standards for school principals and educational staff associates are appropriate next steps in enhancing the quality of educational personnel in Washington." [ 1987 c 525 § 201.]
Short title1987 c 525 §§ 202-233: "Sections 202 through 233 of this act shall be known as the professional educator excellence act of 1987." [ 1987 c 525 § 234.]
Severability1987 c 525: See note following RCW 28A.300.050.
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