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Criminal history record information—School volunteers.

If a volunteer alerts a school district that the volunteer has undergone a criminal records check in accordance with applicable state law, including RCW 10.97.050, 28A.400.303, 28A.410.010, or 43.43.830 through 43.43.845, within the two years before the time the volunteer is volunteering in the school, then the school may request that the volunteer furnish the school with a copy of the criminal history record information or sign a release to the business, school, organization, criminal justice agency, or juvenile justice or care agency, or other state agency that originally obtained the criminal history record information to permit the record information to be shared with the school. Once the school requests the information from the business, school, organization, or agency the information shall be furnished to the school. Any business, school, organization, agency, or its employee or official that shares the criminal history record information with the requesting school in accordance with this section is immune from criminal and civil liability for dissemination of the information.
If the criminal history record information is shared, the school must require the volunteer to sign a disclosure statement indicating that there has been no conviction since the completion date of the most recent criminal background inquiry.
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